Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have a nice Space Trip @astro_paolo !!!

Tonight @ 20.09 CET, italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli will liff-off from Baikonur along with Dmitri Kondratyev and Catherine Coleman onboard Soyuz TMA-20 heading to the ISS.
This launch will mark the beginning of the first ISS long duration mission by an Italian astronaut. Paolo will stay at the Station till May 2011 performing maintainance work for the space outpost and also many experiments which take advantage of microgravity environment.

You can follow Paolo on Twitter @astro_paolo where we expect to see wonderful photos from above in the coming months!

Is also online, on the ESA website, the official magISSstra mission page:
Here you can also watch the live webcast of the launch!

If you could not wait and want to have a more detailed glimpes of what Paolo will do during these 6 months onboard, you can find a cool presentation video here:

Surfing the web for that beautiful photo of Paolo you can above... I have also found, by chance, a photo of me and my friend Teo attending a lecture by Paolo in PoliMI in 2008 about his Shuttle mission for the installation of Node2-Harmony on the ISS.
It was a great lecture! Unfortunately we didn't manage to take a photo with Paolo, anyway, the web shows its awesomeness once again and thanks to pamoroso on flicker I found at least this photo of us ;-) Thank you!

Then, Paolo have a nice trip and enjoy your long stay on that beautiful piece of engineering which is ISS! We will be here on Earth sending our greetings to you, every time we will see your new home passing above us, enlightened by the Sun just after sunset or just before dawn!
See you soon... from space! ;-)

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