Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Music Links!

Hi folks!
As you have maybe noticed I removed my Last.FM widget inserting this artwork (created by me) to put my artist page and user profile links directly in the "About me" box.
I've done this because finally I've been at and I've created a quite good playlist for this blog.
I hope you like it and you can enjoy reading my posts while you are listening to some good song.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Faelar" becomes "Andy Wandrian" on Last.FM

This is only a fast notice... I've changed my artist account name on Last.FM from "Faelar" to "Andy Wandrian".
I moved on the new artist the only song I've posted yes, but I hope to release other songs in the near future (I need only the time to record them...)

My new artist page is here:
if you will listen and/or tag my song I'll be indexed quicker ;-)

I've changed also my username, from "faelarandy" to "andywandrian", if you sign in in Last.FM and want to add me as a friend use my new username!



Sunday, July 13, 2008

Freefem++ available on Archlinux AUR

in the last days I adopted my first package on Archlinux User Repository .
It is Freefem++ that I need working on my distribution becuase of an university exam.
So, now, with the nickname of dedalus I will try to matain that package, and in the next weeks I hope to publish also an XFoil PKGBUILD.

In the meantime you can check out the web page of the package, and download the archive in order to compile and install the program simply by unpacking the .tar.gz and feeding makepkg with the PKGBUILD in it.

Enjoy Archlinux and the amazing AUR! ;-)