Saturday, February 2, 2008

Poetry... from 2002

I don't know why today I'm doing this. I don't know why I decided to waste these 5 minutes of my time in this way... Maybe it was merely the thought of this little sheet stuck on a page of my old diary...
But that's it: I'm finally posting these four lines written with a pencil, to make them a little less ephemeral, printing them on some bits on Blogger's servers... or better, though only for a moment, on the retina, then in the mind... and finally in the soul of you readers...

So, here it is. It isn't great, but when I wrote it in italian in 2002 I thought it was pretty good ;-)
I've tried to translate it in english hoping I succeeded...
That's me.. roughly on the end of September 2002, a stupid guy laying on his bed, playing and almost sleeping like this...

Laying down on my bed of memories,
on two blankets of reveries.
A guitar in my hands
plays, something I don't know.

I do am here. A string resonates.
I'm really living this instant:
the moment the sound
leaves away and it spreads,
up in the air, the same
Andy - September/October 2002