Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Everything goes on...

Hi guys,
after some sadness about the lack of people for the action we have programmed for last Wednesday... finally we decided to go on searching other people despite everything.
We succeded in our action: to free form parked cars, the cycle lane on a street right in the center of our town.
I was very happy to see that in the end some people is interested in such things... like I am.

After this good job... I was involved in the Linux Lecture we had in Politecnico di Milano (my university) this Monday. It was fine, we installed the Ubuntu-based Politecnico's distro to some people, just after the lecture on the story of GNU and Linux. Very good!

Yesterday MacTeo and me, have set up our new space on the Internet, in which we will post our programming works, hacks and other technology related issues.
I've posted the guide by Giulio (a guy I met on the iDemocracy wiki) regarding the jailbreak of 1.1.2 OTB iPhones.
So if you are interested in such things, and in technology in general... check it out this brand new site:

Last week Andrea, another friend of mine set up his own blog, on blogger. It's nice and I'm very happy to have new thing to read like his posts!
It' in Italian but I'll let you the link anyway ;-)

Tonight I will have a trial with my group "Ammazzacaffè" (Coffee Killers) and italian expression to call the extra alcoholic correction to put in coffee to strenghten it!
After some other trial to rearrange some other covers we are going to play somewhere!
Check out this blog if you're interested in our "concerts"!

Well, that's all folks!

Have a nice day!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Here I am...

... almost an hour before the beginning of the first class of the day.
It's ages I don't post on my blogs... but in this period I'm so busy, that I haven't the time for many other things...
This weekend I passed a great day in the mountains. I enjoyed skying, I love the snow under my blades and the wind chill right in my face!
This morning everything is here again to keep going on... the classes to attend, the first fog of the season... something that doesn't work as expected, despite all my efforts...
But people has better thing to do rather than be interested on political matters when the spotlight is off from that topics.
Me and some other have done everything we could... now I need to do something for myself, for example to pass the last exam for my first-level graduation, and the new ones of the new specialistic courses.
I'm sorry but now my time becomes so rare and precious and I need to use it in the best way.
So, some happy news now: I've got an iPhone... after some days of experiments and several firmware restores ;-) I managed to jailbreak it, thanks to Giulio, a guy i met in iDemocracy forums that later helped me by mail.
As soon as I can I will post his tutorial for 1.1.2 OTB iPhone jailbreaking using iNdependance.
Me and my friend MacTeo are awaiting the outcome of the new version of anySIM to get our bricks work fully as cell-phones!
So that's it.. and in this precise moment also the Sun says that after all everything is okay... it's coming out thorough the fog that is almost completely dissipated leaving room for an amazing blue sky.
So goodbye my friends.. I'll be back soon with some tasty iPhone issues!

see ya!