Monday, November 26, 2007

Here comes the sun!

Hello World!
In the last few weeks I was very busy, I had to update the sites I manage ( and Giovani-Idee), I had to attend to Giovani idee's (Young Ideas) meeting we finally have set for last Wednesday, and other many little things, last but not least my study!
I'm very happy at the time :-) although the crazy days with tons of things to do!
I'm always late :-P I've always something to finish in time, something to do... and the moments in which I can finally have a break, relax, think about me, or simply "think about nothing-and-everything" are very rare.
But luckily it came this morning... I got up very early to go to the station with a very special person... ;-) and it's worth it :-)
Early this morning there was the moon shining in the deep-blue sky just before the dawn, everything was silent and peaceful, and I had great moments to recover from my busy days, and to appreciate the simpleness of such a world.

The Moon - This Morning
(image processed with GIMP Noise Reduction)

It's true, you don't need anything special - almost anything ;-) - to be happy and full of life, just think about the beauty there's all around, share your feelings with the right person and though you live in a busy city you will feel that the world is out there and it's yours.

And the thing I liked the most of this morning is the sensation I felt, as I'm used to, when I see the light growing, the sun rising.
We use to think that these astronomical movements are slow and almost negligible to our perception but if you try to watch a dawn you can notice that is quite fast.
Everything is spinning around everything and you can notice that... it's fantastic
And the feeling I have is due, I think, to the fact that, actually human beings, can sense the slight variation of light during the dawn. We can appreciate that small, but constant, increment of light even though we are not looking right in the direction of the sun.
I had this sensation also in a street where buildings cover almost entirely the sky... but I could sense the light rising! That's was amazing!

Ok, now you can think I'm crazy... or you can try to check if I'm right, if it happen the same thing to you...
This is the difference between dawn and twilight... the direction of the variation... from the dark to the light and the opposite... Even the colors are different due to this thing! It seems a stupid thought but, it's the secret of dawn and twilight.

So, now my free time is over... I have to resume the tons of things to do!
But this early morning gave me enough spiritual strength to fill today with peace and tranquility!
What a beautiful idea: dawn and twilight, dark and light!
And what a beautiful morning star... You!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Revolution...a movement

Tonight I noticed that Orion is getting visible late at night. This constellation which will be with us until the beginning of Spring, with its apparent movement from the East to the West, from November to March...
A turn ago... two turns ago... how not to think how many "Orions" passed by, how many times these stars had looked at me along my nights, from so far distances.
Life it's really strange, but in the end I think that probably everything goes as right as it should go (I'm not fatalist)... but as an Engineer I would show you how "everything in the universe, tends to reach the minimum of the potential funcional"... and this concept, this suggestion, if I could manage to explain better to you all... it's infinitely more romantic than it looks like.
A turn ago, I wouldn't have thought about things today are reality, sad or amazing, it depends on the thing itself... but I'm impressed how everything can change in a year, a month, a week...
So, thank goodness that everything is spinning like this.
The cosmic dance will go on... we are looking forward it...
Good night world, suspended on this carousel,