Thursday, September 6, 2007

Start Again from the mountains

Last week on Monday, with my broher Luca, Gloria, Alessandro and Don Emilio, I had a beautiful trek on Grignetta, also known as Southern Grigna. This is one of the peaks I can see directly from my window. It's sight is part of the almost beautiful landscape that bring me through the year changing it's colors and features along the seasons.
Just an example :-) early this morning it was like this:

Yeah, you can see the roofs of four identical block of flats, you can see the TV antennas, and other "urban things" like cranes or simply buildings and roads just under the bottom edge of this view... But if you concentrate yourself into the fact that from your house you can view the shape of two peaks made of almost the same rock of Dolomiti you forget all the odd things surrounding the object of your thought.

Last year I've been for the first time on the top of Grigna (the highest peak in this photo).
Last week I've been also on Grignetta that is the top just on the right of Grigna.
I don't know why I haven't been exploring these mountains before last year. Probably I was always fulfilled by Dolomiti, but it is an incredible emotion to be able to see a beautiful place you've been, every morning, every time you want, directly from your home, just before leaving to dip yourself into your frenetic life, and when you come back (if it isn't too dark).

Well, I won't waste more words :-) here you are some photos from this last climb:

The Route

Inside the kingdom of rock and sky

Lecco's Lake

The Mushroom

A stairway to the heavens

Strength of Nature

The "Ufo" on the top
(I swear I didn't write anything, and that's the problem)

The Path

The dusty finger of the climber

The Dusty climber in the "Ufo"

Hope you enjoyed these views and thoughts :-)
See Ya!


Sunday, September 2, 2007


July 30 - London - Parliament and Big Ben

July 31 - London - Tower Bridge

August 1st - York

August 2nd - Sutton Bank near Thirsk

August 3rd - Edinburgh's Castle

August 4th - Edinburgh

August 5th - Twilight in Portstewart

August 6th - Derry

August 7th - Giant's Causeway

August 8th - Dublino

August 9th - view from Guinness Storehouse

August 10th - Glendalough

August 11th - Sligo

August 12th - Drumcliff

August 13th - Chieftain's Matt Molloy, live in his pub!

August 14th - Lunch in a rainy day

August 15th - Galway

August 16th - Cliffs of Moher

August 17th Friday ;-) - from Monte Rosa to Monte Bianco