Sunday, July 22, 2007

An exam missing! But now... it's InterRail time!

On Thursday last week I passed the exam of Aerospace Structures and Materials, so I miss only Construction Science II!
On Friday I went to the airport because my brother Lucahas flown in Bangladesh, where he will remain for about a month in to see, and help in a school managed by missionaries.
Now for me it's time to finish to program my vacation in Great Britain and Ireland.
Me and my girlfriend Erica will spend from July 30th to August 17th an InterRail trip in the British Isles.
Today I've gone with my bike for a short trip, a thing I was missing because in the last month I almost only studied for the upcoming exams.
After an evening spent to look at the last emails received and at the thing that I have to do this week for the trip and to assist to the graduations of some friends... I'm going to watch the MotoGP race in Laguna Seca... W Valentino!
So goodnight!