Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Last.FM artist account!

Hi, this morning I discovered how to register to a Last.FM artist account!
It's very easy: in 5 minutes I was able to upload my music, very good!
My page is at:
At the time I uploaded only a song but along with time I'm planning to post other works.
With the embed player you can hear my song directly from site.
So join and enjoy music!

FaelarSereno Vagabondo - the social music revolution - on ArchLinux

As I was aware on ossblog and thanks to Macteo... tonight I joined to a service that allows you to make your own listener profile just listening your favourite music letting you to play in streaming a large amount of tracks!
At the moment I'm managing the client's compilation I hope to succeed. The problem I had, was about the version of the qt4 library: qt4 are needed by the program.
After the correct download, running the ./configure it didn't find the qt4 libraries anyway!
To setup the qt4 libraries for use instead of qt3 you ahve only to type in your shell:

sudo qt-config qt4
source /etc/profile

Doing like this you have setted up the qt4 libraries and consequentrly qmake's new version, that is the one needed for the MAKEFILE generation, to proceed with the compilation.
The further problem is that our dear "./configure" doesn't find again the new version.. the solution? It's the one suggested from the script itself:

qmake -config release && make

So we are at the end: after about ten minutes of compilation (on an AthlonXP 1.4GHz) the client is installed and ready to play some good music for free!!!
I started to recover some Progressive through the "Dream Theater's similar artists" radio which is a mere playlist with the songs tagged similar to Dream Theate's ones.
It's a great idea this service. You don't have to do nothing the songs just drops to you like the rain... directly for the web.
In your profile on the site you and the other, will see the stats about all your listenings, very cool!
You have smply to go there -> join, download the client and enjoying your favourite music! ;-)
Keep on playing!

PS: the client is available also for Window$, Mac and as .deb for Ubuntu Feisty

Monday, June 25, 2007

Book a flight and pass 2 exams!

So here we are, after I have lost the train though I was in time. I had to know that at this time in the late morning the Italian Railways succeed in the miracle: the train arrive early! This is as irritating as the late, if not more!
Now finally I'm on the train, the place I prefer so far for my writings and my journeys.
Obviously, as yelds by the Murphy's Law, if the previous train is early and you have lost it, the next will be at least least late if not cancelled! According to this, this train was late for about 4 minutes. Even so this is a common late in Italy... Murphy was right!
After yesterday decisions, internet surfing searching pieces of informations about flight, hostels, trains, ferries, this morning I've finally booked the one-way flight for London. So on 30th July I will begin with my girlfriend our first InterRail adveture in Great Britain and Ireland.
Previously we had the fantastic idea to go there only by train, with the possibility to spend 2 days in Paris within the trip. But we didn't know Eurotunnel's bills and the time spent by the ferry from Calais to Dover.
The Eurostar train from Paris to London costs 100€ and with the InterRail Pass you have a discount to 75€ that is too much anyway.
As solution of this problem... we chose to book a RyanAir flight that will bring us from Bergamo to London in 2 hours of flight which correspond to one hour thanks to the different time zone. Our flight costs only 1cent/€ non comprehending taxes... so the final bill is 16€ per person a very good deal!
So we cancelled the days spent in Paris (but we have already thought to reduce the whole period of our vacancy due to our university terms).
Now we have only to book the hostel in London to finish the preparation of the first step of our British/Scottish/Irish adventure.
We have to think how to get back from Ireland at the end of our journey and we will be ready to go! We already found a flight from Shannon to Bergamo at 39€ per person without taxes... another good deal! We'll see...

So I'm happy for the set of this milestone fon my vacation.
Now I have to come back to my study, because I have the last 2 exam to pass: Aerospace Structures and Materials and the impossible Construction Science II.
If I will have passed them I could chose if I will graduate on July or if I will wait for september trying to do other exams directly from the 1st year of the 2nd level graduation.
Well, now I have to go even if this writing in the station is a pleasure without the train passes and with a little wind.
I wish everyone of you have a good journey wherever you are and whatever you are planning or doing, loving or hating.

The Road goes ever on,
far from the doorstep by which it begun...


Friday, June 1, 2007

Politics and People

Hi my few readers...
hoping you are not afraid about the defeat of the center-left coalition in Rho and in other cities too...
I will try to make an assessment of these months, by my direct experience rather than the numbers.

As a micro-analysis related to the Civic List I posted a page on our website [it]. So I can say you that we gained the 1.49% of the votes, an half of the percentage needed to have a counselor in the city conucil but almost the same amount of the one gained by Verdi that is a national party.
In these word I will espress my totally personal assessment about this experience that's far to the end.

In these two months I can say to have marked a record in new people to get in touch.
This thing I the one that make me glad despite the result of the Major's election.
Even if the center-left cohalition took this shoking result I can't despair because I have the consciusness that in Rho there are all-worthy young guys. These people has been showed in our Civic List project "Giovani idee" (Young ideas"), with some examples in the center-left traditional parties' lists.
The most of these people take part in various active social associacions, in the Oratories and in political groups as the leftists' Fornace that is very active despite it's occupying an abandoned private area to have a place for its events.
The fact that is leaving me untroubled is to have found between these good guys, someone as brave as putting his face on an election poster sharing an objective and getting involved in a vision of the city and of the society that, for he/she is worth to be supported.

For this I can't stop my dreams and limit my sight to the election defeat.

You can say me "You don't recognized to have lost!" I will respond you "Anything but!": I see the result too, but I see the slight value of most people between the new councelors, I see the baseness of some supporter, I see the shouting for the victory like it were a football match, I can see the lack of long term ideas.

We will see what they will do, even if I strongly doubt that the 2 or 3 "brains", of the new concil (at first the new Major) will be able to contain the baseness, the upstartness and, let me to be clear, the lobbies of the most of the new elected people.

As I already said, we have to look beyond!

We have to re-start, from where? From the relationships we built in these months, from the will to work, from the passion for out city like the one demonstated by Paola in these 5 years. This passion has caught us!
First of all we exist, we have good ideas, we are reactive, we are vulcans of ideas, we know how to confront each other, we can go beyond the slogans, but above all we have the desire to pursue our dreams.

We demonstrate that Rho has worthy young people with good ideas, and that these people aren't shy.

In the meantime waiting for some new-entry (click here to enter in our site and contact us) and thinking about new horizons: Thank you my friends!