Saturday, March 24, 2007

An unforgettable night

Last night I went to Vigevano to Giovanni Allevi's concert for his Joy Tour, it was simply fantastic: the athmosfere he creates with his notes, his execution "precision" accompained with his emotional involvement while he's playing and last but not least his simpaty let us "feel to be at home" as with friends and we have flown free with our fantasy.
Giovanni gave us wonderful moments and led us in his world with the same naturalness I could see in the few lessons I managed to attend for his seminary at Politecnico di Milano, last year.
Another amazing this was that I managed to give him my CD with some of my impromptus + Sereno Vagabondo.
So I was able to express by my modest notes, my thanks to this person who can always open my mind to new worlds and to let fly my imagination the wings of his music.
Thank you again Maestro Giovanni, if you will be here for a visit this post is for you so you are invited to comment of course if you want!
You are great, go on like this forever, with your unique naturalness and the intensity.

PS: as soon as possible I will upload the songs I gave to Giovanni, on iCompositions.
Check out my page here:
bYe ;-)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Return to the beginning...

My Linux-user life is by now at his first anniversary. I'd haven't thougth to gain the knowledge I have now and to have solved the number of troubles I did on Linux since last year!
Exactly a year ago I was living along with continuous Debian installations and easy curses, but I was astonished by the amazing discoveries typical to a common Windows user approaching the actually USE of a computer.
Now I will bore you with my a-year-later-story!

Debian: cool!
March 2006 after the massive download of ALL of the Debian 3.0 Sarge CDs from Fastweb's mirror, I finished my tragic 2006's first term.
I immediately realized that would have been enough the minimal CD image for the net-install.

Debian minimal, or rather... where's the GUI?

I had Constructions II's test on March 10th and the day after, a Saturday, I went to pick up from the basement the case of the PII400MHz I put on storage in September.
The next week I was a dalirium of Debian installations, at first with disappointment for the lack of the GUI after the install. Next I discover the use of the spacebar to select the packets during the text install procedure... it was a milestone ;-) like the use of aptitude.
It was an hard approaching to Linux, I knew only a couple of Unix commands: ls and cp... only by friend talks, and my comman-line experience was limited to my early years with the use of DOS to run games on my first computer, when I was 6 to 8.
Plus, the default editor in Debian tutorials is vi or vim and it resulted so ugly to me that I can't use it fairly neither now... a nightmare for me.

Fedora Core 3, or rather... it's all done with smoke and mirrors!

Next week's sunday I passed to Fedora 3 which was given to me by Fra, a friend of mine, student in Physics, and "necessarily" Linux user even if he is a bit lazy with the computer stuff.
I begun to use KDE that worked very good, the installation GUI made everything itself and put on my computer a complete working system quickly.
It was a bit heavy to run on a PII400MHz... and I was disappointed because of I didn't fix the X server and the Desktop Environment on Debian.

Debian again, or rather... finally I begin have fun on Linux!

Between March 20th and 26th I reinstalled Debian and I was able to set up the GUI with Gnome, KDE...a messy system that worked.
At the first reboot after the right configuration of the X server, appered gdm... and asked me my user's password... it was an exciting moment for me... I succeded... I was a Linux users.
In about 20 minutes I realized that I won't like Gnome, I closed that session and I switched to KDE 3.3 on Debian 3.0 Sarge... amazing!

Debian Sarge 3.1 stable on the P4

The week from March 27 to April 1st marked a steep climb in my learing curve, almost comparable with the one on the previous week. I installed Sarge on my P4 getting hated by my brother that was forced to format the previous win installation to reorganize the disk space and to put in order the data on the proper disk... everything without a plain reason.
That Debian installation lasted to April 21st when because of Windows' disk recover system and my inexperience with MBR's I was forced to use Partition Magic to recover Win and eliminate Linux.

Meccanica del Volo, "A night for the report" pow
ered by Debian Testing Etch
After the test fo Aersospace Propulsion on April 28th, that marked a good recover in self-confidence for me, I had to complete Flight Mechanics report by May 2nd.
My Debian Testing installation of the week before was very useful and fully featured with Matlab and Skype and brought me to complete the reporte in a record time: it let me work very fast.
Those 4 days were very exciting, the time was up, I had graphs to plot, scripts to run to get the right results, a craze that finish with a no-stop session from May 1st at 4 PM to May 2nd at 8:30 AM.
After the afternoon past on Skype with Alex that completed his part of the report, then comes the night. It was incredible, my brother Luca was in Cologne, Germany for the German class exchange, I worked with SuperKaramba and Liquid Weather++ showing the webcam on Cologne.
While I was plotting the graphs and running the scripts... I saw the German City go to sleep, I saw the city lights turn off at 2 AM... I saw the dawn on the webcam at the same time I could appreciate the sky enlightenment from the window. (my bedroom is put westwards)
Between 6 AM and 7 AM I put in order the graphs I plotted and saved during that never-ending night, and thaks to The Gimp I edited some funny lines that made no sense. ;-) (I'm very proud of this tweak because as my collegues well know... X61shit4ever!)
I arrived shattered to deliver my work that gave me the access to the test of May 10th when I finally passed Fligh Mechanics.

Debian, Palamede and Kubuntu
During the next months begun the Design Lab about the Palamede satellite, at the beginning I was working on Debian Testing with Skype and KDevelop...
With the Design Lab begun also the friendship with MacTeo.
After arrived Kubuntu 6.06 and my KuBook, bought used in June for 350€... from that milestone al is documented on this blog and in Italian on the other blog.

Wow, finally I succeded to come at the end of this story.
I thougth it will have result in a longer post... so it's good. Now I'm here, with ArchLinux running on my P4 after a wild upgrade and a KDE 3.5.6 setup similar to the one that gave me the success on the Flight Mechanics report. Dursing this year I learnt a lot, I solved many troubles and I can be confident to survive on almost any *nix system.
A universe was opened to me, an unknown infinity with a new philosophy, the FreeSoftware one.
I'm very proud that I haven't craked any program since last year, contra the boudary is also compilation of the software I can't find already packaged.

Many doors have been opened to be in every direction thanks to the FreeSoftware, I advise you all to pass to the other part of the world. Here there is the future and every day important milestone are set. Here all is more cahotic but in the end... all works better. Here there aren't "official" gurus, here there are people that know more than others but at the end they have the same dignity of the newbie. Here there is who is succeeded to make the FreeSoftware his full-time work, but there are many people that simply are learning to use it.
This community dimension of this amazing movement is wonderful.

So I will finish after this bulk of words remember to you that:
Free Software is Free as Freedom!

Have a nice day,

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Folk Spirit

Hi, I'm back after this week-off from university. I had to do many thing and I couldn't rest so much but luckily I'm not studying and almost an half of my occupations have been things I chose or things I like.
Between these "things" I recorded 2 songs that come from my Folk Spirit whenever alive. Today I posted them on iCompositions.
You can reach my "Artist Page" and the songs:
Ninnananna by Modena City Ramblers and Sereno Vagabondo a song I wrote in these days of 2001.
I hope you will like them. Sometimes I will post other songs, I will keep you tuned!
Good night,
(who tomorrow has another busy day)