Monday, January 29, 2007

Beryl's repositories

Hi, I'm back after these first two test I had today.
I was browsing the stats about the blog and I saw that the most searched keyword is "Beryl tutorial". Because of this I have to point out that finally I found the official repository for Beryl's packages! To use it you only have to insert in your sources.list the following line:

deb edgy main

I managed to install the current version of Beryl that includes a more powerful "Beryl Settings" and many new features. Since about two weeks I'm running Beryl 0.2.0 beta2 on XGL instead of AIGLX, this combination goes faster but there are some little bugs to fix to get it work properly. As soon as I can I will write a tutorial for XGL + latest Beryl on Kubuntu Edgy.
By now that's all folks!
Check out the Official Beryl Wiki at there you will find the guide for your linux distro.
So enjoy with linux!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Work in progress...

It's been a long time since my last post on my english blog...
In these two weeks I've studied very hard but I've done something cool too.
I bought a WiFi PCMCIA card for my notebook and I set up it with the brand-new madwifi-ng drivers patched to work with aircrack-ng. It works! That rocks! ;-)
I'm trying also to gather information about some projects for the next term, I sent a request e-mail for ESMO's OBSW Team creation and I asked to a professor to work on RTAI (Real-Time Linux). Now, wating for the answers I hope to do the best in these upcoming tests!
As soon as I will have finished these exams I will post about my new XGL+Beryl configuration, WiFi with wpa_supplicant on D-Link DWL-G650 on Kubuntu, and about che compilation and patching of the newest madwifi-ng drivers to get them work with the aircrack-ng suite.
Now I go back to my books and formulas...
See you soon bloggers!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Happy new year!

So here we are in 2007! After these season's holidays new year is beginning and there are some things to do.
I haven't translated in English my last posts in Italian I wrote against a Christian integralist website that say to have found an apologize of the death penalty directly into the Chatechism of the Catholic Church..
Those posts are too technical an quite boring to be translated an the conclusion you can reach after the reading is only this, integralism and fondamentalism are bad and very stupid things! :-P
So to begin new year on Remmirath in English I will post a good wallpaper I found on a very good site for wallpapers also not KDE-related.

So today I began a very busy period due to the exams I miss for the first level graduation... they are "only" 5 but I want to try to pass many of them (if not all!)
I enjoy very much posting in my blogs, but in this month I won't have much time to spend on this activity and on the internet in general.
Today I took the monthly ticket for the train, so I forced me to go to study to the university's library because I'm much more efficient in that environment: absolute silence, none distraction and the surrounding of the univeristy's buildings that remember me that study should be my primary occupation even if, luckily, it's not the only one.
So I will post only in my spare time at home! I hope to organize better my time, and part of this is the need to go to sleep earlier... not like now!
I have a tight schedule to succeed in pass these exam, I hope to be able to respect it and to achieve my aims.
Good night world,
Guys, keep on dreaming!