Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Everything goes on...

Hi guys,
after some sadness about the lack of people for the action we have programmed for last Wednesday... finally we decided to go on searching other people despite everything.
We succeded in our action: to free form parked cars, the cycle lane on a street right in the center of our town.
I was very happy to see that in the end some people is interested in such things... like I am.

After this good job... I was involved in the Linux Lecture we had in Politecnico di Milano (my university) this Monday. It was fine, we installed the Ubuntu-based Politecnico's distro to some people, just after the lecture on the story of GNU and Linux. Very good!

Yesterday MacTeo and me, have set up our new space on the Internet, in which we will post our programming works, hacks and other technology related issues.
I've posted the guide by Giulio (a guy I met on the iDemocracy wiki) regarding the jailbreak of 1.1.2 OTB iPhones.
So if you are interested in such things, and in technology in general... check it out this brand new site:

Last week Andrea, another friend of mine set up his own blog, on blogger. It's nice and I'm very happy to have new thing to read like his posts!
It' in Italian but I'll let you the link anyway ;-)

Tonight I will have a trial with my group "Ammazzacaffè" (Coffee Killers) and italian expression to call the extra alcoholic correction to put in coffee to strenghten it!
After some other trial to rearrange some other covers we are going to play somewhere!
Check out this blog if you're interested in our "concerts"!

Well, that's all folks!

Have a nice day!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Here I am...

... almost an hour before the beginning of the first class of the day.
It's ages I don't post on my blogs... but in this period I'm so busy, that I haven't the time for many other things...
This weekend I passed a great day in the mountains. I enjoyed skying, I love the snow under my blades and the wind chill right in my face!
This morning everything is here again to keep going on... the classes to attend, the first fog of the season... something that doesn't work as expected, despite all my efforts...
But people has better thing to do rather than be interested on political matters when the spotlight is off from that topics.
Me and some other have done everything we could... now I need to do something for myself, for example to pass the last exam for my first-level graduation, and the new ones of the new specialistic courses.
I'm sorry but now my time becomes so rare and precious and I need to use it in the best way.
So, some happy news now: I've got an iPhone... after some days of experiments and several firmware restores ;-) I managed to jailbreak it, thanks to Giulio, a guy i met in iDemocracy forums that later helped me by mail.
As soon as I can I will post his tutorial for 1.1.2 OTB iPhone jailbreaking using iNdependance.
Me and my friend MacTeo are awaiting the outcome of the new version of anySIM to get our bricks work fully as cell-phones!
So that's it.. and in this precise moment also the Sun says that after all everything is okay... it's coming out thorough the fog that is almost completely dissipated leaving room for an amazing blue sky.
So goodbye my friends.. I'll be back soon with some tasty iPhone issues!

see ya!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Here comes the sun!

Hello World!
In the last few weeks I was very busy, I had to update the sites I manage ( and Giovani-Idee), I had to attend to Giovani idee's (Young Ideas) meeting we finally have set for last Wednesday, and other many little things, last but not least my study!
I'm very happy at the time :-) although the crazy days with tons of things to do!
I'm always late :-P I've always something to finish in time, something to do... and the moments in which I can finally have a break, relax, think about me, or simply "think about nothing-and-everything" are very rare.
But luckily it came this morning... I got up very early to go to the station with a very special person... ;-) and it's worth it :-)
Early this morning there was the moon shining in the deep-blue sky just before the dawn, everything was silent and peaceful, and I had great moments to recover from my busy days, and to appreciate the simpleness of such a world.

The Moon - This Morning
(image processed with GIMP Noise Reduction)

It's true, you don't need anything special - almost anything ;-) - to be happy and full of life, just think about the beauty there's all around, share your feelings with the right person and though you live in a busy city you will feel that the world is out there and it's yours.

And the thing I liked the most of this morning is the sensation I felt, as I'm used to, when I see the light growing, the sun rising.
We use to think that these astronomical movements are slow and almost negligible to our perception but if you try to watch a dawn you can notice that is quite fast.
Everything is spinning around everything and you can notice that... it's fantastic
And the feeling I have is due, I think, to the fact that, actually human beings, can sense the slight variation of light during the dawn. We can appreciate that small, but constant, increment of light even though we are not looking right in the direction of the sun.
I had this sensation also in a street where buildings cover almost entirely the sky... but I could sense the light rising! That's was amazing!

Ok, now you can think I'm crazy... or you can try to check if I'm right, if it happen the same thing to you...
This is the difference between dawn and twilight... the direction of the variation... from the dark to the light and the opposite... Even the colors are different due to this thing! It seems a stupid thought but, it's the secret of dawn and twilight.

So, now my free time is over... I have to resume the tons of things to do!
But this early morning gave me enough spiritual strength to fill today with peace and tranquility!
What a beautiful idea: dawn and twilight, dark and light!
And what a beautiful morning star... You!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Revolution...a movement

Tonight I noticed that Orion is getting visible late at night. This constellation which will be with us until the beginning of Spring, with its apparent movement from the East to the West, from November to March...
A turn ago... two turns ago... how not to think how many "Orions" passed by, how many times these stars had looked at me along my nights, from so far distances.
Life it's really strange, but in the end I think that probably everything goes as right as it should go (I'm not fatalist)... but as an Engineer I would show you how "everything in the universe, tends to reach the minimum of the potential funcional"... and this concept, this suggestion, if I could manage to explain better to you all... it's infinitely more romantic than it looks like.
A turn ago, I wouldn't have thought about things today are reality, sad or amazing, it depends on the thing itself... but I'm impressed how everything can change in a year, a month, a week...
So, thank goodness that everything is spinning like this.
The cosmic dance will go on... we are looking forward it...
Good night world, suspended on this carousel,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

HOW TO Build and Install XFoil on ArchLinux

Here it is an “homebrew” guide to compile and install Xfoil (the famous program to compute aerodynamics on profiles) in a raw but (surprisingly effective!) way.


  • Download from this page the source in tar.gz format I downloaded this file:
  • Unpack the tar in your favourite directory

    ~/your_dir/$ tar -xzvf xfoil6.96.tar.gz

  • Move the unpacked dir in the dir in which you want Xfoil to be installed, I put it in /opt so I entered


    if you will use this directory (or other than you user's ones) all the operations below must be performed with root privileges, so should be executed with the "sudo" command

Open the README file in a text editor according to the instructions provided.

Building Orr-Sommerfeld Database

  • Build Orr-Sommerfeld database in ./orrs

    $cd orrs

    and follow the directions in orrs/README that means... “do it yourself!”
  • check where you are


  • let's enter the directory of the sources

    $cd src

  • edit the source file osmap.f

    $nano osmap.f

  • edit the row below to set the correct path to osmap.dat (in my case)

    DATA OSFILE / '/opt/Xfoil/orrs/osmap.dat' /

    I haven't wanted to set double precision so I didn't edit the REAL*4 line
  • return to orrs/ directory

    $cd ../bin

  • edit the Makefile to setup the compilation flags according to your system

    $nano Makefile

  • change the path to libPlt.a

    PLTOBJ = /opt/Xfoil/plotlib/libPlt.a

  • change the string of the compiler to use: gfortran instead of f77

    FC = gfortran

  • comment all the lines referring to the Intel Fortran Compiler inserting "#" before each line

  • build osgen

    make osgen

  • build osmap

    make osmap.o

  • go in the previous directory

    $cd ..

  • run osgen with osmaps_ns.lst

    $bin/osgen osmaps_ns.lst

Prepare for xfoil, plotlib, and pxplot for compilation

  • go to Xfoil directory
  • enter the plot library directory

    $cd plotlib

  • edit the Makefile to match you compiler and system configuration

    $nano Makefile

  • uncomment the correct name for the library

    PLTLIB = libPlt.a
    #PLTLIB = libPlt.a

  • set the gfortran compiler instead of f77 as before
  • comment the lines referring to double-precision expecially

    DP = -r8

  • edit the file config.make which options override the ones in Makefile doing the same changes you made in Makefile, library name and compiler name
  • comment all the lines referring to compilers other than gfortran
  • comment all the lines referring to double-precision so under the g77 block of comment I had:

    FC = gfortran
    CC = gcc

    and then the whole double-precision block commented

Building xfoil, plotlib, pxplot

  • go to Xfoil directory

  • enter the bin directory

    $cd bin

  • edit the Makefile as before

    $nano Makefile

  • check that libPlt.a is correctly called in the first part of the Makefile
  • comment "FC = f77" in the default compiler section but leave uncommented all the default flags

    # FC = f77

  • change the reference to g77 with the reference to gfortran as before

    FC = gfortran

    instead of every "FC = g77"
  • comment all references to all other compilers and to double-precision
  • finally build all the programs

    $make xfoil
    $make pplot
    $make pxplot

If everything is gone well you can exec xfoil directly from the directory Xfoil/runs...
To retry compilation you just need to clean the directories with the command

$make clean

in every directory containing a Makefile.
If you want to enable a system wide link to the xfoil command you have only to create a symbolic link in one of the ./bin directories of you system.
I created a link to xfoil in /opt/bin:

$cd /opt/bin
$ln -s /opt/Xfoil/runs/xfoil xfoil

To run the xfoil command system-wide you need to include /opt/bin in the paths listed in /etc/profile.

$sudo nano /etc/profile

Change the export PATH line from:

export PATH= “/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/X11R6/bin”


export PATH= “/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/opt/bin”

Ok you have just built and installed Xfoil on your Arch box!
Type xfoil and enjoy!

see ya!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GRUB configuration: menu.lst

Hi, guys!
I'm here again to talk about the famous Linux bootloader. This is a little post on the basics of GRUB configuration, I hope it will be useful for some of you!

What's their name?
For the *nix newbie one of the most difficult thing to learn is to change his point of view about the way of thinking the computer. In *nix OSes almost everything is viewed as a file, including the peripherals and the mass storage devices, that are "files" to be mounted in a directory in order to access their content.
The standard names of C:, D: and so on... are replaced by a smarter way to name these storage devices... hda, hdb, hdc.... and their partitions: hda1, hda2, hda5
hda indentifies the first hard disk of the computer, its partitions are numbered from 1 to 4 for the primary partitions and from 5 for logical ones... so hda5 is the first logical partition of the first hard disk.
GRUB boot loader instead of this names has his own hard disk identification that differs only a few from the system's one. In almost every distribution the grub configuration file /boot/grub/menu.lst begins with a comment that provide information about the correspondence by these way to name the devices:

# Linux Grub
# -------------------------
# /dev/fd0 (fd0)
# /dev/hda (hd0)
# /dev/hdb2 (hd1,1)
# /dev/hda3 (hd0,2)

General configuration
After this and other comments useful to understand GRUB's configuration syntax, begins the general configuration section.
Here are set these options:
  • timeout (in seconds) before GRUB will launch the default menu entry

    timeout 5

  • the default entry to boot after the timeout seconds

    default 0

  • the color scheme
  • color light-blue/black ligth-cyan/blue

On my LiBook with only Archlinux installed I set these option in order not to lose boot time and not to view the flashing boot menu caused setting timeout as 0 (black text on black background):

timeout 0
default 0
color black/black black/black

Boot Entries
The first entry is identified by the number 0 and so on... for a Linux entry you have to provide the kernel and the initrd values, for a windows one you have to set: rootnoverify, makeactive and chainloader +1 options.
So this is my number 0 entry that boot Archlinux with the framebuffer support in order to have a cooler console view as I described in a post before.

title ArchLinux
root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz26 root=/dev/hda3 ro vga=792
initrd kernel26.img

There are some other-than-basics cool things to do with the menu.lst that allow you to set a background image for the GRUB menu and other cool things...
In this "basics" post there is no room for this.. maybe in the future I will post also about those "advanced features" ;-)

see ya!

Linux: how to reset GRUB MBR

OK guys! This is the situation: you had your first hard disk with these partitions:
  • hda1 (first primary partition) Window$
  • hda2 (second primary partition) Linux
  • hda5 (first logic partition) Linux-swap
You've just reinstalled Window$, because of one of the almost billion known crashing issues ;-P
This operation has reset the MBR (Master Boot Record) of the hard disk with the standard Windows' bootloader: no GRUB menu of course... but your Linux is still there no panic!

Here you are the solution in just a few steps!

  1. Boot you computer with one of LiveCD distro of Linux.
  2. Open a terminal session.
  3. Log as root or become root

    # sudo su

  4. Open GRUB's shell
  5. # grub

    Now you are in GRUB's prompt ("grub>") and you can manage all the boot parameters as you want.
    Remember that GRUB lists your disks from hd0 to hd1 and so on... hence hda is called hd0 and hda1 becomes (hd0,1)

  6. Initialize the partition in which Windows is installed:

    grub> root (hd0,1)

    [If your windows installation/reinstallation is located in a partition other than hda1 (hd0,1) you should only change this to initialize the correct partition... i.e. for a windows installation in hda2 type "root (hd0,2)"]

  7. re-install grub in the MBR

    grub> setup (hd0)

  8. exit smoothly ;-)

    grub> quit

  9. and finally reboot the system from the shell

    # reboot

    or close your terminal window and restart the computer as usual.
Everything should be back as before, since GRUB's installation process automatically detect all the operating systems' installations on your hard disk!

see ya!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Walking for Peace!

Hi guys! Here I am...
almost a week later I'm posting the photos I took during last weekend when I have been at the Rally for Peace from Perugia to Assisi.
It was a very nice experience, I've met new people and enjoyed the beauties of a wonderful autumn day in Middle Italy.
We couldn't reach the end of the rally (Assisi) because we were a bit late, and the place was overcrowded. However we walked for about 15 km from a town near Perugia to S.Maria degli Angeli, a place near to Assisi.
Here you are some photos, the hero of these two days was Teo's "BlUe-kulele" that supported us in so many improvisations with my whistles and blues harp... :-)
Keep on Bluesing, Rocking and everything else... peacefully! ;-)
Hope you like these photos!

Sunset in Todi

Todi's streets

Todi's Central Square

Todi's country

Kill'a Coffee jam session, miss you Whites :-)

The Beginning

Peace Dove

People for Peace


Teo's "BlUe-kulele"

Assisi: a view

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An old photo...

Hey, what's this! I found an old photo of me and my friend Teo. I suppose it was taken in May 2003, when without any beard... we went to the University exploring the new place where we were going to study the next year! :-D

Monday, October 1, 2007

Democratic works!

Yeah, these two weeks off, after I failed my last exam, have gone.
I was involved in so many things that I had no time to update this space... but I have so much to write here, so in the next days I hope to do the best to post almost everything.
I didn't update this blog because my whole time on the Internet was about to design, to edit and to manage of a whole site!
In Italy we have now the construction of the new Democratic Party, from the union of Leftist Democrats (Democratici di Sinistra [the Oak] a.k.a. DS) and Liberal Democrats (La Margherita [the Daisy] a.k.a. DL)
In almost every town, city and county there are committees for the creation of this new political subject that will include in his aim, a large part of the people from the society and from the associations.
On October 14th in Italy all the people interested in this project will be able to choose the secretary of the party and to elect the members of the Founding Congress.
Also in Rho we have formed our committee and I am part of it as a common citizen, other than the parties and free to enter as I am in this new adventure.
Since my skills with computer and a few experience with web design, I was chosen to put on-line the committee's site!
I used Drupal and I worked with graphics from the national site... the result is quite cool.
I installed modules like the Acidfree Album one that allows to post photos in a fast and easy way.
Finally I created the php-code for a block using the data in mysql tables generated and updated by the Aggregator module.
With these data I set up a block that shows the teasers of the last posts of two interesting external blogs! That's very cool, because I imported and hacked the original graphics of each blog to edit it's own post!
To see the result of my hard work check it out:
Tomorrow I will begin university courses, but I hope to have the time to post now that the site I on-line and working.
On the other hand with Young Ideas group we have some things in mind to realize to gain the attention of the people about important themes. This adventure goes on and I'm very happy for this. As a first action we greeted the cyclists of the BiciPace in Rho to complain with the Mayor who has dcided not to show the Peace Flag from the Town Building anymore.
This is only an example of our future ideas and actions.
So now I'm very tired and tomorrow I have to get up early...
Good night and Stay Tuned... I've got some cool stuff (yeah also Linux stuff) to post in the next days!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Start Again from the mountains

Last week on Monday, with my broher Luca, Gloria, Alessandro and Don Emilio, I had a beautiful trek on Grignetta, also known as Southern Grigna. This is one of the peaks I can see directly from my window. It's sight is part of the almost beautiful landscape that bring me through the year changing it's colors and features along the seasons.
Just an example :-) early this morning it was like this:

Yeah, you can see the roofs of four identical block of flats, you can see the TV antennas, and other "urban things" like cranes or simply buildings and roads just under the bottom edge of this view... But if you concentrate yourself into the fact that from your house you can view the shape of two peaks made of almost the same rock of Dolomiti you forget all the odd things surrounding the object of your thought.

Last year I've been for the first time on the top of Grigna (the highest peak in this photo).
Last week I've been also on Grignetta that is the top just on the right of Grigna.
I don't know why I haven't been exploring these mountains before last year. Probably I was always fulfilled by Dolomiti, but it is an incredible emotion to be able to see a beautiful place you've been, every morning, every time you want, directly from your home, just before leaving to dip yourself into your frenetic life, and when you come back (if it isn't too dark).

Well, I won't waste more words :-) here you are some photos from this last climb:

The Route

Inside the kingdom of rock and sky

Lecco's Lake

The Mushroom

A stairway to the heavens

Strength of Nature

The "Ufo" on the top
(I swear I didn't write anything, and that's the problem)

The Path

The dusty finger of the climber

The Dusty climber in the "Ufo"

Hope you enjoyed these views and thoughts :-)
See Ya!


Sunday, September 2, 2007


July 30 - London - Parliament and Big Ben

July 31 - London - Tower Bridge

August 1st - York

August 2nd - Sutton Bank near Thirsk

August 3rd - Edinburgh's Castle

August 4th - Edinburgh

August 5th - Twilight in Portstewart

August 6th - Derry

August 7th - Giant's Causeway

August 8th - Dublino

August 9th - view from Guinness Storehouse

August 10th - Glendalough

August 11th - Sligo

August 12th - Drumcliff

August 13th - Chieftain's Matt Molloy, live in his pub!

August 14th - Lunch in a rainy day

August 15th - Galway

August 16th - Cliffs of Moher

August 17th Friday ;-) - from Monte Rosa to Monte Bianco

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm back!

Hi bloggers, I'm back from my InterRail in the British Isles.
As soon as possible, I'm going to post some photos and our itinerary.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

An exam missing! But now... it's InterRail time!

On Thursday last week I passed the exam of Aerospace Structures and Materials, so I miss only Construction Science II!
On Friday I went to the airport because my brother Lucahas flown in Bangladesh, where he will remain for about a month in to see, and help in a school managed by missionaries.
Now for me it's time to finish to program my vacation in Great Britain and Ireland.
Me and my girlfriend Erica will spend from July 30th to August 17th an InterRail trip in the British Isles.
Today I've gone with my bike for a short trip, a thing I was missing because in the last month I almost only studied for the upcoming exams.
After an evening spent to look at the last emails received and at the thing that I have to do this week for the trip and to assist to the graduations of some friends... I'm going to watch the MotoGP race in Laguna Seca... W Valentino!
So goodnight!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Last.FM artist account!

Hi, this morning I discovered how to register to a Last.FM artist account!
It's very easy: in 5 minutes I was able to upload my music, very good!
My page is at:
At the time I uploaded only a song but along with time I'm planning to post other works.
With the embed player you can hear my song directly from site.
So join and enjoy music!

FaelarSereno Vagabondo - the social music revolution - on ArchLinux

As I was aware on ossblog and thanks to Macteo... tonight I joined to a service that allows you to make your own listener profile just listening your favourite music letting you to play in streaming a large amount of tracks!
At the moment I'm managing the client's compilation I hope to succeed. The problem I had, was about the version of the qt4 library: qt4 are needed by the program.
After the correct download, running the ./configure it didn't find the qt4 libraries anyway!
To setup the qt4 libraries for use instead of qt3 you ahve only to type in your shell:

sudo qt-config qt4
source /etc/profile

Doing like this you have setted up the qt4 libraries and consequentrly qmake's new version, that is the one needed for the MAKEFILE generation, to proceed with the compilation.
The further problem is that our dear "./configure" doesn't find again the new version.. the solution? It's the one suggested from the script itself:

qmake -config release && make

So we are at the end: after about ten minutes of compilation (on an AthlonXP 1.4GHz) the client is installed and ready to play some good music for free!!!
I started to recover some Progressive through the "Dream Theater's similar artists" radio which is a mere playlist with the songs tagged similar to Dream Theate's ones.
It's a great idea this service. You don't have to do nothing the songs just drops to you like the rain... directly for the web.
In your profile on the site you and the other, will see the stats about all your listenings, very cool!
You have smply to go there -> join, download the client and enjoying your favourite music! ;-)
Keep on playing!

PS: the client is available also for Window$, Mac and as .deb for Ubuntu Feisty

Monday, June 25, 2007

Book a flight and pass 2 exams!

So here we are, after I have lost the train though I was in time. I had to know that at this time in the late morning the Italian Railways succeed in the miracle: the train arrive early! This is as irritating as the late, if not more!
Now finally I'm on the train, the place I prefer so far for my writings and my journeys.
Obviously, as yelds by the Murphy's Law, if the previous train is early and you have lost it, the next will be at least least late if not cancelled! According to this, this train was late for about 4 minutes. Even so this is a common late in Italy... Murphy was right!
After yesterday decisions, internet surfing searching pieces of informations about flight, hostels, trains, ferries, this morning I've finally booked the one-way flight for London. So on 30th July I will begin with my girlfriend our first InterRail adveture in Great Britain and Ireland.
Previously we had the fantastic idea to go there only by train, with the possibility to spend 2 days in Paris within the trip. But we didn't know Eurotunnel's bills and the time spent by the ferry from Calais to Dover.
The Eurostar train from Paris to London costs 100€ and with the InterRail Pass you have a discount to 75€ that is too much anyway.
As solution of this problem... we chose to book a RyanAir flight that will bring us from Bergamo to London in 2 hours of flight which correspond to one hour thanks to the different time zone. Our flight costs only 1cent/€ non comprehending taxes... so the final bill is 16€ per person a very good deal!
So we cancelled the days spent in Paris (but we have already thought to reduce the whole period of our vacancy due to our university terms).
Now we have only to book the hostel in London to finish the preparation of the first step of our British/Scottish/Irish adventure.
We have to think how to get back from Ireland at the end of our journey and we will be ready to go! We already found a flight from Shannon to Bergamo at 39€ per person without taxes... another good deal! We'll see...

So I'm happy for the set of this milestone fon my vacation.
Now I have to come back to my study, because I have the last 2 exam to pass: Aerospace Structures and Materials and the impossible Construction Science II.
If I will have passed them I could chose if I will graduate on July or if I will wait for september trying to do other exams directly from the 1st year of the 2nd level graduation.
Well, now I have to go even if this writing in the station is a pleasure without the train passes and with a little wind.
I wish everyone of you have a good journey wherever you are and whatever you are planning or doing, loving or hating.

The Road goes ever on,
far from the doorstep by which it begun...


Friday, June 1, 2007

Politics and People

Hi my few readers...
hoping you are not afraid about the defeat of the center-left coalition in Rho and in other cities too...
I will try to make an assessment of these months, by my direct experience rather than the numbers.

As a micro-analysis related to the Civic List I posted a page on our website [it]. So I can say you that we gained the 1.49% of the votes, an half of the percentage needed to have a counselor in the city conucil but almost the same amount of the one gained by Verdi that is a national party.
In these word I will espress my totally personal assessment about this experience that's far to the end.

In these two months I can say to have marked a record in new people to get in touch.
This thing I the one that make me glad despite the result of the Major's election.
Even if the center-left cohalition took this shoking result I can't despair because I have the consciusness that in Rho there are all-worthy young guys. These people has been showed in our Civic List project "Giovani idee" (Young ideas"), with some examples in the center-left traditional parties' lists.
The most of these people take part in various active social associacions, in the Oratories and in political groups as the leftists' Fornace that is very active despite it's occupying an abandoned private area to have a place for its events.
The fact that is leaving me untroubled is to have found between these good guys, someone as brave as putting his face on an election poster sharing an objective and getting involved in a vision of the city and of the society that, for he/she is worth to be supported.

For this I can't stop my dreams and limit my sight to the election defeat.

You can say me "You don't recognized to have lost!" I will respond you "Anything but!": I see the result too, but I see the slight value of most people between the new councelors, I see the baseness of some supporter, I see the shouting for the victory like it were a football match, I can see the lack of long term ideas.

We will see what they will do, even if I strongly doubt that the 2 or 3 "brains", of the new concil (at first the new Major) will be able to contain the baseness, the upstartness and, let me to be clear, the lobbies of the most of the new elected people.

As I already said, we have to look beyond!

We have to re-start, from where? From the relationships we built in these months, from the will to work, from the passion for out city like the one demonstated by Paola in these 5 years. This passion has caught us!
First of all we exist, we have good ideas, we are reactive, we are vulcans of ideas, we know how to confront each other, we can go beyond the slogans, but above all we have the desire to pursue our dreams.

We demonstrate that Rho has worthy young people with good ideas, and that these people aren't shy.

In the meantime waiting for some new-entry (click here to enter in our site and contact us) and thinking about new horizons: Thank you my friends!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

ArchLinux 2007.05 Duke on an iGo 3471

Hi bloggers,
this space has his first birthday in this period...
Many news and thought have been disposed on these pages since last year.
In the last months my blog hadn't so much visits because of my very few time to write something interesting... but after this busy days I'm trying to describe a new life for my notebook.
My LiBook former "KuBook" has these charachteristics:

  • an AMD Athlon 1700+ processor @ 1400 MHz,
  • a 20Gb HDD,
  • an Ati video adapter with 64 Mb of shared memory
After having used Kubuntu Dapper 6.06 LTS and later Edgy 6.10, since February I tried to install ArchLinux to improve the performace since this distribution is complied for i686 CPUs despite Kubuntu and the Debian-derived that use only the simpler processor instructions of the i386 machines for matters of compatibility.

Few days ago, I reinstalled ArchLinux to get work the native sound layer of KDE that's not working by now but for a problem with udev on which I'm doing some experiments.
Here I will describe a completely the paces I had to accomplish to get the freshest release of this distro ArchLinux 2007.05 codename Duke.

First of all I had to download the iso image, I chose to use the Base Install because it installs a base system without the need of a connection to the Internet if there were problems. (Here you are the link to the torrent)
Starting the installation I had to reboot because the standard setup didn't recognized my IDE disk... the solution was to start the setup typing "arch ide-legacy" to get it work.

Typing km I set the keymap as
After this I executed the autoprepare for the disk setting the partitions of my 20Gb disk like this:
  • boot 32Mb
  • swap 700Mb
  • / 9000Mb
  • /home the remaining space
After the preparation of the disk and the installation of the Base System the setup asked me to use hwdetect to autoconfigure the system, after that I had to say "no" to all the questions I was asked to refine the configuration about RAID disk and other specific thing thats my poor notebook doesn't even know what they are.

I selected the editor nano to review the configuration files, so I was able to uncomment these lines in the file locale.gen :
  • en_IE.UTF-8
  • en_US.UTF-8
  • it_IT.UTF-8
After this I edited the file rc.conf to set the hostname, set the locale, and to insert in the blacklist the pc-speaker module because I hate it! :-)

After this I set the root user's password.

The Base System was installed and configured!

After the first reboot I had to create my user by adduser and after to add that user account to the sudoers file by visudo inserting this line after the root one:
andy ALL=(ALL) ALL

At that time I miss the Xserver and the Desktop Environment.
I added to pacman.conf the repo for kdemod an alternate version of KDE for ArchLinux that is modular and compiled with the bleeding edge features of the better DE for *nix OSes.

After a pacman -Syu to update the repos and upgrade the system, I installed kdemod, samba, jre and aspell-it
So came the time of the XOrg configuration obtained by the utility xorgconfing
All went well but I missed to install some X11 modules to get work the xorg.conf generated by the utility.
So to start correctly the graphic interface I needed to do this:
pacman -S xf86-video-ati
pacman -S xf86-input-mouse
pacman -S xf86-input-keyboard

After the first run of the Xserver I installed the missing packages to personalize my ArchLinux installation, these are my essentials:

yakuake (a drop down terminal a-la Quake)
ttf-bitstream-vera (open source fonts)
ttf-dejavu (open source fonts)
kdemod-kdevelop (development suite)
kdemod-kdeadmin (administration utilities)

After this massive installation I could use kuser to add my user to the audio group so I could hear sounds.
After that I disabled the wallet subsystem from kcontrol I installed some other stuff:

mysql (to get the amarok collection manager work)

After the test of the browsers I needed to enable KIO in the java settings in Konqueror to view correctly the applets in the webpages.

I copied the data in my home folder and proceeded with other packages installation:

(I need to patch the xorg.conf as usual to get it work properly)
alsa-oss (trying to fix the artsd bug)
(needed by gizmo)
(to enable mplayer lirc support)

Ater this marathon I got a fully functional system with all my data in the /home partition with a minimal problem with artsd for the native sound in KDE I have to fix in the next days!

Get ArchLinux! It's not so difficult... and stay tuned for the news from my LiBook!


Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hi Internet!
I'm coming back from two months full of things to do.
As I wrote in the few posts I was able to write in these days, I'm a candidate to the City Council for a Civic List called "Giovani idee - Volti nuovi per la città" (Young ideas - New faces for the city).
I played with my new group the Ammazzacaffé and everything was fantastic... we can play everything together and this consciousness during the improvisations brings us to amazing tunes!
So my checklist in this period is overflowing and my two blogs have paid this situation.
I miss only two days of campaign because tomorrow we will close it just before the day of silence that is the day before the election.
During these busy weeks I managed to keep track of the Giro and the news of the aerospace world as usual.
Yesterday I had an exam... Aerospace Mechanics... I'm hoping against hope!
Last night A.C. Milan, the football team I support, won the Champions League against Liverpool. I'm very happy for this achievement after a tough season.
Because of the test yesterday I miss the arrival of the 11th stage of the Giro. As I watched later, there was a very spectacular and dramatic fall of many riders just on the finish line. After the group of the winner, an amazing Alessandro Petacchi, because of the wet sponsor stripes on the road an athlete went down, the other runners touched the brakes and there was a general drop, luckily with no consequences.
Today we will see an hard and tough stage who includes the highest point of this Giro.
As usual the highest point of the Giro in named after a great runner Fausto Coppi so in today's stage the Colle dell'Agnello with his 2738m above the sea level gains the name of Cima Coppi.
In the next days we will see amazing stages, the arrival at my dear Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the climb of the Zonconlan.
I'm looking forward these two amazing stages.
Today I'm going to go out with my bike for a ride on my usual track!
I reinstalled ArchLinux on my notebook to try to solve some problems with KDE and it's native sound system.
In the next days I will try to fix it!
So there are many things to do, many things to keep on track. Check out this blog in the next days!