Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Beryl + Emerald: simply COOOL!!!

Hi everybody! I'm writing this short post just to tell you that I succeeded to install Beryl & Emerald either on my desktop PC (P43GHz + Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE 256MB) either on my famous KuBook (AMD AthlonXP 1.4GHZ + ATI Mobility Radeon 32MB).

To the people that don't know at all what I'm talking about... I don't have nothing to do but invite to abide my cyber-dlights and to be a little patient... infact I'm going to make a video of the result of my efforts and to put it on YouTube... so I won't leave any doubt about what's Beryl, neither to the most stupid windows user...

Meanwhile enjoy yourself with this aperitif:

Obviously I don't succeded to get a result like that... it's PERFECT!... I gave my best and it's only a matter of time... I'm goning to smooth and learn many new things about the good configuration programs for Beryl and Emerald.

Now goodnite to everybody: I'm very tired!!!
see ya!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What a beautiful shot...

This is the old Buran Shuttle ready for flight at Baikonur Kosmodrome in Kazakstan in 1988.
This amazing machine was copied by from the american Space Shuttles with few differences and improvements.
Learn more about Buran here!

see ya!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Windows Vista's out on November 30th for corporations only...

... yeah, this is another chapter in "Microsoft and the mistake errors" saga!
I was very impressed by this article (in italian) from Repubblica's site (an italian newspaper), the reporter announces the upcoming release of Vista and writes some comments on it... it seems simply a spot for the "new" OS by Microsoft: he praises the featueres, apologizes the heavy hardware requirements to make it work either with absurd arguments... uhm... maybe I will lose less time copying the pieces that made me laugh the most and commenting them! ;-P
These new features are very important, the more if we take a look at the past: XP. At first the graphing interface that with Aero glass come close to the most advanced and will be found fans for sure due to its transparences, 3D solutions and for the widgets (here they are called gadgets). In addition what about usability. From the opportunity to search fast every file in the computer, to the one-click network setup, to the embedded parental control. Someone could say: some of these features are already embedded in other OSes like Apple's and Linux. Sure, but if is Windows to use them the result massive becuase Windows runs on 90% of the computer on the planet. It's matter of scores.
What I can say... after a beginning "bla-bla", the reporter fells a little shame listing the "new" Vista's features... infact he can't say thet these things are well known in MacOSX (which has ALL of them not "some") and that these are only some of the possibilities to empower every linux distro (obviously with all the work needed!), so because he can't deny evidence at least mention them... giving the idea that Windows puts together the best make it simple for the common people....
Making a fast comparison with previous versions from a very tight point of view it could look like that... the fact is that there isn't innovation (as before) and there are only the collection of great ideas - that made the fame of OSX and Linux - all put together in a ugly and chaotic way.
... according to our data, 66 per cent of the computer worldwide have already an hardware that supports Vista: the remaining 33 per cent has to make a little upgrade for example improve the video adapter that should have at least 128MB of ram to value properly the operating system.
Bah.. because of these are words directly by the chief of Microsoft Italia... we can think that the 128MB intead of "suggested" are "required" ;-)
That of the hardware hunger of the new os is a problem, above all for the people that would taste Vista but who don't want to change thier "old" computer but completely working.
I suggest geeks to install Ubuntu with AIGLX + Beryl... or with XGL + Compiz
For sure this brand new jewel by Microsoft (it will be sold in seven versions with the price around 240€ for the basic one) needs not few resources to show the best of itself: the head office indicates a minimum ram amount (ram is like oxigen for computer) from 512 megabyte, though it's suggested to have a Gigabyte. About the video adapter we just said. Concering the processor, the newest are the best to express the whole power of the new operating system.
So, Windows Vista, onto a well pimped machine, makes a good impression: lots of graphic effects, efficient system response also regarding the multimedia, reduced startup and shutdown time and fast search into the computer's files.
This is totally wrong... to call "jewel" a ill-shapen creature like Windows Vista... by the way... that's my opinion... coming back to the facts why there will be seven versions is it a space-ship? ... about the price we always were pessimist, the tragedy is that they will manage to sell it anyhow!
For the miminum ram set at 512... the only thing I can say proudly is that Kubuntu Live works well with the same 512MB ram and it's amazing with a Gigabyte available... as well that were a Live version...

Going on, I'm not able to accept this distorted point of view, wouldn't be the os to have the task to expess hardware power's?
If someone thiks the opposite that a huge mistake that leads to a vitious cirle and to a wrong point of view while designing software!
The os has to value the hardware, and this yield optimization and creates a "virtous circle"
that could result in a lighter software in its next versione as Mac users experimented while updating from Panther to Tiger!

Well... I close this post, it's becoming too long... tell me what you think about it!

While greeting I'll repeat Think Different phylosophy with a joke:
What does a dressed up mexican say? Hasta la Vista! (see ya!)
And a naked (optimized...) one? Vista la Asta? (look at my mast!) ;-)

The real issue is this... to change the point of view... and Microsoft showed not to have understood that!

see ya!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Usual poor showing, in uncle Bill's style

... of course Internet folks, this news is for everyone of you!
For the most addicted linux users who use it simply because they won't be able to contact other people, for the lazy guys that are closing their eyes not to change it, for the ones who praise it simply because they haven't tried other, for the boy who yesterday bought its first computer!
Yeah: today MSN Messenger doesn't work well... it's about 2 pm (GMT +1) that its capabilities is reduced in watching who other is going ga-ga about it... infact in its candy interface you can look at other people's photos and status... but it loses the connection to server: chat sessions last 10 seconds after that there is a black out for indefinite...

I tought that maybe they had put a control on connected clients and my poor Kopete had been rejected...
No, it's something simplier that concerns things from hacker attacks (but why we had to mention them ... we are just talking about Microsoft), or to the more possible server crash and they can't perform the standard Microsoft procedure to solve problems: reboot!

So, by the other hand is sad to notice that this service - the only thingh by uncle Bill that seemed to work - crashes too!

It's astonishing this lack of shame and above all, of apologies while announcing the problems:

The good thing, that make me laugh very much, are the astonished faces of the most of Microsoft supporters, and the desperation of the ones who don't knows that other services, maybe better thant MSN... my only answer is:
INFORM YOURSELF not to be slave of a unique standard... are you realizing only now that YOU ARE NOT FREE?

LOL: Think Different!

see ya!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A simple good news!

Today I got a good news, while I was updating my old PII 400MHz that runs Ubuntu 6.06 LTS I discoverd that finally Ubuntu's italian repository are working after a week full of issues that made me change my sources.list file using the German ones.

This seems a slight news but it gives tranquillity and security to us, Ubuntu users because we are used to experience strict precision and extreme reliability.

Good weekend!

see ya!

PS: by the way I link this blog by Ubuntu's daddy: Mark Shuttleworth

Thursday, November 9, 2006

... I'm writing again with a freed mind ...

after I managed to study something about Aerospace Mechanics, not how much I planned, but at least I put my brain in a "pen-and-notebook" mode.
So, Palamessenger is complete, either I goes either it doesn't, there isn't so much to do, now my aim is the test I have on Novembre 22nd and after I want to write my thesis quickly.
Among these occupations in university and my activities in parrish, I'm becoming more skilled in organize my time I'm succeeding in program my occupations better.
Tonight I'm going to go to sleep quite early, so tomorrow I'll be able to get up earlier than the last days :-P (do you think I won't?)

At lunch I cooked an amazing pasta with milk-cream, a little butter, Gorgonzola (a typical cream cheese) e nuts, flavoured with a little nutmeg WONDERFUL!

Yeah, today I'm very peaceful, last night I went to Erica to watch "Lo Svarione degli Anelli" a mockery of the "Lord Of The Rings", today I've done my things: I managed to organize better and it's good for my university tests and for my lifestyle in general.
Tomorrow afternoon I will be again to help my brother's group it they studied the songs, it will be good and we'll have a lot of fun.

Bueno internauts, I go, that's all! Work in progress until November 22nd when I wish me had been confident about the test!
Now as the great cyclisy Gino Bartali I'll encourage myself: "Go Andy, I you want, you can do it..."

Goodnite everybody!
see ya!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft... a few little trouble but it's worth it!

Here I am! Finally after more than a week I manage to write something on my blog.
I've been a little time "offline" to configure properly the new Kubuntu's release I installed on my famous KuBook.

Because of this now that all is working I can post an aware review.

First of all has been improved splash screen and login manager graphics. Unfortunately or luckily (it depends on the points of view) the text under the spash and the bar about modules loading disappeared... anyway there is the opportunity to switch to the text visualization in case of troubles to see what the startup is doing.

Further graphics improvements but less important are those about the theme of KDE's kicker bar (that I put immediately on the top of the screen with the shared menu for the applications) and the default wallpaper that though isn't great, is pastel... and I like this!

Is useless to remember that because of the 6.10 is a minor release there aren't major changes in any field, so I won't list all the new versions of the most of the programs part of KDE Suite...

A nice thing due to the new kernel ( is that now it recognizes by itself many of the function keys of many laptops models, I is a very good thing because of, for example, I couldn't map them.

It was added a good photo manager program, digiKam, that is also able to download the pictures from many cameras... I hadn't the occassion to try it yet but it looks good!

Now I'll begin to report little bugs and troubles.
As soon as Konqueror's web engine (KHTML -> WebKit) has been improved now it works well with my blog: it can be seen the transparence of the "Too Cool 4 Bill" image before visible only using Firefox.
Konqueror's plugins (they are the Netscape7 ones: Konqueror is compatible with them) work very well with the only exception of the Java Environment one I couldn't configure correctly after a succesful installation (infact it works with Firefox2).

... of course with big regret I was pushed to install Firefox2! My disappointment isn't about firefox, but because of konqueror that though the Java issue (I don't mind very much) unfortunately crashes on the post list page of Blogger Beta... and on other pages chock-a-block of javascrpits.
I'm totaly sure that the cause of there embarassing crashes is that many sites don't comply with the W3C standards strictly implemented in the WebKit engine (it passes with ease the Acid Test 2.0)!
To be honest I have to report that Gmail an other sites that officially "don't support" konqueror are displayed well simply thanks the feature that let you to choose what browser identification konqueror will provide to these sites; in this way Konqueror ducks site's controls about the browser identification.

So because of non-W3C sites I had to install Firefox2 that uses the GTK libraries and so can't share the menu bare with other applications using KDE's kicker feature.

The second and last trouble concerns the trick about Symbolic Toolbox that I found a few days ago (yeah, my neighbour who lets me use Matlab has updated to Kubuntu 6.10 too!).
Infact after the call to the "export" command to set a global variable who makes Matlab7 to think it's executing on a 2.4.1 kernel... simply the shell can't find the libraries anymore... it's impossible to call even an "ls" command, and if you try to execute any program bash says that it can't locate libc.so.6

Well... except that there are these little issues all the rest of the system works very well.
On Yakuake transparent background works on all the shell sessions... instead as before, when worked only on the first opened session!
There is a new very good power manager!

My candid advice is... let's install Kubuntu 6.10 it's worth it!

This is another goal achieved by Ubuntu and KDE guys they made up another good release...
... by these result we look forward April for 7.04 amazing surprises WoW!!!

Hurray for the OpenSource! ;-)

seeeeeee YA!