Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trekking on Grigna

These are the beautiful photos from the last trek of the year...
I couldn't do many trips while I was in Vipiteno and later in Val di Fassa for the study and above all because of the weather... so we decided to go on Grigna, the nearest mountain to Rho...
With don Emilio, my brother Luca, Alessandro, Gloria and Chiara we tried this tour.
I had never been on Grigna's rocks and it has been a very beautiful surprise to discover a great mountain just near home.
We went to Lecco and took Val Sassina, we reached Esino Lario and park the car.
We went at first to Bietti hut and took Alta Via delle Grigne!
In two hours from Bietti hut we were on the top of Grignone at Brioschi hut...
We descend to Bogani hut to regain Esino Lario and to come back.
It was a very beautiful trek, I'll repeat it for sure.

So these are the photos:

A Hole in the Rock

First steps on Alta Via delle Grigne

Me on the Wall

Como Lake, it can be seen the splitting in the two lakes: Lecco's and Como's
View of Lecco's Lake

Alessandro very tired at the end of the climb

Me and Luca on the top Cross

A beautiful photo just at the beginning of the descent

Photos from Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa 16th to 19th August:

Re Alberto hut

Vajolet Valley

Pisciadù Fall

Marmolada from Sella Pass

Sella and Boé from Sella Pass

Photos from Vipiteno

As I promise, these are the best photos from my vacation in Vipiteno by 4th to 16th August:
Stanghe's Falls

Swarovsky Museum - Austria

Monteneve Mine Tour

Carbide used for Miner's Lamp it burns in the water!

Mountains after a stormy night

Rainbow above Tunes (Thuins)

Oberberger Lake


Vipiteno's tower and shop signs

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Now I continue to study... but as soon as possible I'll post my best photos from Vipiteno, Val di Fassa and last Tuesday trek at Grigna!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm back and my computer is dead!

Hi, finally I'm back after two weeks on the mountains!
I 've been by 4th to 16th August in Vipiteno and last week in Soraga (Val di Fassa).
I wanted to do a mountain trip with my brother Luca and my girlfriend Erica but we had bad weather, so with my parents we decided to stay in Soraga this week to do some trekking in the nearby mountains: Dolomiti!
Yesterday I was back, I put in order the clothes and the things we brought in vacation, and after we reconnected gas, TV, computer...
Luca has turned on the computer to check mail, but after the download of the mail... it freezes!
I thought it was a windows well known issue but at the restart the computer simply didn't work!
It's on without prompting anything, nor the BIOS, neither the memory check... the screen is BLACK, as in standby...
I tried everything: to unlink all the peripherals, to change the video adapter, to unmount rams and in the end I put the dedicated jumper for clear CMOS in it clear position... but nothing happened...
Tonight I will test the CPU on my parent's computer, which mainboard has soket 478 too!
Tomorrow I will go to Computer Shop to ask what this would be! But I'm almost sure that I had to change the mother-board... I found luckily the last soket 478 models... I hope they have some!
As soon as I can I will post my new photos from Vipiteno, and Val di Fassa.
see ya,

Thursday, August 3, 2006

... to Vipiteno ...

Tomorrow I'll go to Vipiteno for two weeks in the mountains.
I'll study the subject I miss for graduation, and I'll have some trekking and bike riding.
So, I will try to update the blog as soon as possible, if I can't we will see after August 20th with lots of news...
See ya, and have good vacations...

Vipiteno's Main Street

Trekking & Bike in Val Sesia

Last Sunday and Monday, I went to my friend Matteo's house in the mountains, Val Sesia.
On Sunday we had a walk on a mount in front of Monte Rosa, although there were some clouds, the panorama was very beautiful.
On Monday we had a nice trip by bike from the village of Scopa to almost the end of the valley: Mollia village, is the one before the last Alagna!
I'm very happy to had these opportunity to spend two days on the mountains: silence, nature, wind, sun, grass, rock, streams, steep slopes, and the great spaces of the valleys of the Alps, that's good after two months on the books!
Thank you "il Teo" for these very good days!

Monte Rosa, with clouds

Alpe Campo

Alpe Campo from above

Bocchetta della Moanda

Panorama Eastside

Panorama Westside

"il Teo" and me

PS: as "il Teo" said: «I colli tendono ad essere tutti uguali!» («The hills tend to be all the same!»)