Sunday, July 23, 2006

Installing Java Runtime Environment JRE 1.5-07 on Kubuntu Linux

Hi guys! Tonight I was surfing on the Internet, when I reached Concordia Station's site!

To view a component in the home page, I needed Java Runtime Evironment installed.
So I was redirected by Firefox's Plugin Wizard to Java website for manual install.
I will describe the correct installation procedure because I couldn't find it on the web!

$ sudo su

  • Change the permission on that file with chmod

# chmod 777 ./jre-1_5_0_07-linux-i586.bin

  • go to desired installation directory

# cd /usr/java

  • install

# /”installer_location”/jre-1_5_0_07-linux-i586.bin

  • make symbolic links to mozilla plugins directory

at this point I had the problem: I create the symbolic link to jre plugin in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins but nothing happened, so I found another folder for mozilla plugins in /home/"uID"/.mozilla/plugins, this is the right directory so after the creation of the symbolic link there everything works

  • create the symbolic link in mozilla plugins folder

# cd /home/”user_name”/.mozilla/plugins
# ln -s /usr/java/jre1.5.0_07/plugin/i386/ns7/

  • check here if your JRE is installed correctly

If necessary you can also try to create the symbolic link in both mozilla plugins directory, I think one is for Konqueror the other for Firefox...
I also tried to change all the permission of the Java directory to 777, but I did this just before I found the solution: the second plugin folder!
Let's try and enjoy with Linux!

goodnite and good Internet surf with Kubuntu & Firefox!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wooof! It's too hot!

Hi folks!
Yesterday test on System Dynamics left me quite disapponted! There were not 3 but 2 exercises and missed the one on MTU (Engine-Transmission-User). The exercises were not so easy, the disposition of the elements and the cynematics was diffucult to determine!
So I pray for 18/30 to pass it!
On monday I've the talk with Numerical Methods professor to confirm and adjust my 19/30 I took on July 5.
I'm very tired also because the weather: today has been the hottest day of this summer, all we hope it rains soon!
Hopin' to be able to sleep tonite,
see ya

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Discovery Landed, Joomla! & System's Dynamics

In these end-term days I'm very iperactive... perhaps because I know that I must pass System's Dynamics tomorrow and Numerics talk on Monday.
When I'm in this state, I spend my breaks on many different things, absurd projects about my website, my music, my linux configuration... I'm iperactive!

So yesterday, I installed Joomla! on my website, and during the breaks I'm trying to understand how does it works... it seems a good idea, but I think that instead wasting time to configure it I will write my own template in PHP step-by-step!

On monday Space Shuttle Discovery landed safely at KSC in Cape Canaveral, Florida. I hope now the ISS construction will accelerate!

Now I'm very hungry after this morning of study. Trasmissions, gears, engines, masses, forces, vectors, momentums, torques, cynetic energies.... I like these so much, but they make me crazy... because tomorrow I must complete 3 exercises about these, without mistakes...
I think that's time to come back to my books, hoping to survive till tomorrow!

After monday I hope to have passed these two exams. They would be the only I'd have completed on this session, because at the time I wasn't able to finish anyone!
I've studied each subject for about 3/4 needed and this situation is the same of last tests!
If all now will go well, on Semptember I will have to do 5 subjects but one of them is very difficult and another one has a date over the limit for October Graduation Session Request.
I don't mind to graduate in October, I want to complete the exams, so I'll be able to study the new subjects of the fourth year, the first of Second Level Graduation, in Space Engineering.

So let's go to pass System Dynamics!
Good lunch,

Monday, July 10, 2006

!!! We are the champions... of the World !!!

!!! We are the champions of the World !!!
Italy has won Germany '06 Football World Championship!
Siamo una squadra fortissimi ;-P
I'm very-very happy for the winning of the World Cup by Italy.
Against France it was a very stressed match with lightenings on both the two sides... but in the end we won to the penalties... after a good match in which we recover from Zidane's penalty at 6' 1st half!
Zidane, what about Zidane... he has finished with that match his career and in the worse way he could! With a head-hit to Materazzi... he has been seen by 2 billion people in his fault.. what a bad thing... that's not sport!
I'm very happy for our players, especially for Cannavaro, Zambrotta & Gattuso... they have worked very hard during all the matches of this championship!
I'm happy also for Italian Football, tomorrow we'll be told the result of the trial against Juventus and other team's managers... I expect a strict behavior from the court!

!!! We are the champions, my friend... no time for losers, 'cause we are the champions of the World !!!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

France for Italy & Discovery Docked

Yesterday night, after a good match (Italy vs Germany was better without any doubt) France reaches the Final against Italy! So Sunday in Berlin we will know who will be the 2006 World Champion! If Italy is going to play like the semifinal and its defense will neutralize Zidane and Henry Italy will easy win the championship! I hope so!
This afternoon Discovery docked with the International Space Station, and after the docking procedures the hatch has been opened! So now there are 9 people in space, it's a good thing after Columbia's accident.
Thomas Reither ESA's astronaut, will remain abroad the Station untill December joining the Expedition 13 crew.
Tonight I think I will record something with computer. It's since one year that I don't record!
Go ahead Discovery, and Keep On Rocking!
see ya!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Final for Italy and Discovery Lift-off

Tonight was for me very exiting because of Discovery's Lift-off and just some minutes after Italy's semifinal vs Germany.
Everything has gone well, Discovery's is on his way to the ISS and Italy defeated Germany in the last minutes of the second extra time.... now we miss only the final to enter in a dream!
So this was a very good night!
FORZA ITALIA (finally without political meanings) and FORZA DISCOVERY!
Good night,

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Discovery ... how long?

Yesterday night I saw the scrubbing of Discovery's Launch... due to bad weather...
I thought from the first time that also today it wouldn't have flown...
Now I'm watching the press conference about the second delay, next time would be Tuesday July 4th, but now they are beginning to say that if there will be another scrubbed attempt there will be a problem on Liquid Oxigen supply...
After that they continue laughing about the "uncontrollable forces of nature"... the are also sure that they will make as soon as possible the 16 flights to complete the ISS...
I don't believe it... I hope Discorvery will be launched before the closing of the opportunity window... but I'm not sure about NASA priorities after these weak explanations.
So I'm waiting for the launch very disapointed about these strange explanations... suddenly has become an enterprise to perform a launch per year... I can't believe it! I know about the intense work after Columbia accident but I think that NASA doesn't want to complete the Station because they now have different plans... the Moon, Mars and Beyond... alone without the other countries...
Let's redesign the external tank for these last 16 mission to complete ISS... after Europe and Russia will have the good Kliper to continue the mantainance!
I'm disappointed... I return on my books...
good night

Saturday, July 1, 2006

!!! Go Discovery !!!

I'm have watched live on NASA TV the launch preparation for all the afternoon.
Now I have to go out, but I was said that I not busy by 21.00 so I can came back home to watch the Shuttle Launch!
I'm very excited because since two years has been launched only a mission so this is the second mission of the return to flight sequence.
Space Shuttle is undoubtely an old system but is the one we have at the moment... until NASA or ESA (with Roscosmos) will develop seriously a new system to get in space in a more simple and secure way, bringing a consistent payload for completing the station and the next Lunar Base...
I hope this fligth will accomplished its task very well so the construction of ISS will take an acceleration, in the next years.
Now I'm going to enjoy the launch and the mission in the next days...
On NASA website there is an amazing effort about the media coverage for the mission: check it out!

Great Italy ... and studying numeric math waiting the Shuttle Launch

Yesterday, we had a great Italy, that beated Ucraina with 3 good goals by Gianluca Zambrotta and Luca Toni, now on Tuesday will be an historical dejavu, a Germany vs Italy semifinal... in both cases before we won the math and the world cup... I hope will be the same, this time too!
In these days I'm studying numerical math to prepare Wednesday exam, I hope to do a good test!
My thesis on Palamede has almost finished.. the presentation of the work is completed, and we miss only to develop the communication sequence to put in the right order the funcions of the Orbcomm Library.
After the exams we will perform these things and we are going to write the tesis, black-on-white.

Today the Space Shuttle Discovery will lift-off by Cape Canaveral at 21.39 CET, I don't know if I will watch it becuse tonight I go to a little play perfomed by children from Belarus, we hosted in our city for this last month.
I will watch on the Internet shortly after the lift-off the related movie.
Now I go on studying...
see ya!