Monday, June 19, 2006

Palamessenger Works

!!!WOW!!! This afternoon we fixed the last problem about message sending with Palamede satellite using our self-made Orbcomm Library!
The messages are sent correctly it was a great goal and and gave to me the proudly sensation to have made somenthing useful with my own hands!
Our hard work was prized with such a success and I'm very happy for this.
I have to thank so much my fellows Luca and especially Matteo and the tutors Alessandro and Fabio who has been with us on Palamede all the afternoon!

Yesterday, in oratorio, we have put down the climbing wall, it was faster than build it up because we didn't have to design the ways for climbing and we simply opened the joints between the wood panels' structures and the iron structure...

Tomorrow I finally cut my hair :-) - it's too hot for me in this period - and after I'll spend the morning to the experimental laboratory of Fluid Dynamics, an experimental experience about the Boundary Layer, according to the issues we found in the lectures.

By Monday I will be on my end-term test session. I'm going to do many exams and I really hope to pass them without any accident!
Let's see, now it's time to go to sleep because I need also to be quiet and to rest the right amount of time before these stressed days to come.

Good nite,

Friday, June 16, 2006

Yesterday: Manufacturing NetCable - Today: Como, to MacTeo --> Boundary Blues

Hey, yesterday I needed a net cable longer than those I had.. so I decided to joint them... I know this is a bad thing to do with net cable but I need to connect at 10Mbps because my home gateway which works with Fastweb's fiber optics.. is up to that speed.

Here I post a foto of the work... now it goes very well and I'm sending this post through that...

Today I went to Albate (Como) to my friend MacTeo to study some Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics!

It has been a very beautiful day, we studied and enjoyed a little playing some Blues... and configuring Linux.

The trip to and back from Como cause me to be very tired tonight...
So, Goodnite,

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kubuntu in MacOS Style

Today with MacTeo I've set my Kubuntu in this nice arrangement...
It's now in Mac Style, thanks to Baghira, and to KDE panels' trasparecy!
Look at these pictures...
If you like this theme what you have to do is just...
  • install baghira: # apt-get install kwin-baghira
  • set Baghira in "Window Decoration" tab on System Settings -> Appearance
  • create a dock-like bottom panel with you favorite applications
  • enable transparency on panels and dispose them like MacOS
It's simple... Linux is BETTER!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gizmo on Kubuntu Dapper

Gizmo Project A Free phone for Your Computer

Hi, today I read this interesting post (translation by google) from Jeby's blog about Skype's predominant position in VoIP's world...
So I've tried to install Wengophone but I couldn't phone I don't know why!?!
As MacTeo advised me, I installed Gizmo, and it was a surprise!!!
I had some problems with the Debian Packages... so here I'm going to write some installation instructions:

  1. download the Debian Packages from

  2. you can install without problems the bonjour package directly from Kubuntu Package menu on the context menu in konqueror or writing on Konsole:

    sudo su
    root@KuBook/[location_of_packages]/# apt-get install bonjour_107.1-

  3. now you have to install the SIP library package, I've installed the ALSA one but you can install the OSS version instead... these libraries depend by libssl0.9.7 so you have to do like this:

    sudo su
    root@KuBook/# apt-get install libssl0.9.7
    root@KuBook/[location_of_packages]/# dpkg -i libsipphoneapi_alsa_0.78.20060211-1_i386.deb

  4. now you need to instal gconf2(not present in Kubuntu, maybe on Ubuntu)

    root@KuBook/# apt-get install libgconf2-4 gconf2-common

  5. at last you can install gizmo package with:

    root@KuBook/[location_of_packages]/# dpkg -i gizmo-project_1.0.0.18-1_debian_i386.deb

Now you have installed Gizmo, you can find it in your “K menu” under “Internet”, at the first startup it asks you to register a new account, and in a few seconds you will be able to call other people using this beautiful open source program based on SIP an open source protocol!

It's very very cool... and has some good features that make it so far better than Skype... another good work from the Open Source World...

So enjoy calling and chatting and kidding with “Blasts!” (short sound that can be played while calling) and:

think different, use FREE SOFTWARE!



Yesterday, I've bought an old notebook (it came out 2 years ago) and I've installed Kubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06 LTS on it. I need for university to be able to write something (C code and LaTex) when I will be in the mountains in August...
This is a Packard Bell Notebook, an iGo 3471, it mounts:
  • an AMD Athlon 1700+ processor @ 1400 MHz,
  • a 20Gb HDD,
  • an Ati video adapter with 32 Mb of shared memory
Now my KuBook is ready for work and I'm very happy to have saved a lot of money buying an old model instead of a new one...
Using Linux is always interesting, free and very cheap for the machine needed... so... Let's install Kubuntu, Debian, or any distro you want... use FREE SOFTWARE.. that's the future of thinking freedom!
an happy Debian (&now Kubuntu too) user

Monday, June 12, 2006

... stormblue ... on Kubuntu Dapper 6.06

Hey guys!
I'm very tired after these two days of Parrish Fest, but I'm also happy!
I spent yesterday night to reinstall Linux on my "PII 400MHz computer for anything", 'cause suddenly it didn't recognize the root partition at startup!
So I decided to install the fresh Kubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06 LTS becuse of the easy installer by the live CD!
The installation was very fast, but I spent the night trying to configure XGL on KDM, but I didn't succeed.
Although this, I discover in the highest rated wallpapers on, a very good panorama, stormblue ...
I like such a view!!!
So put the beauty of Nature on your desktop and respect It, to preserve It!
Now, I finally go to sleep... I can't believe it!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

... the Wall has been completed!!!

Hi all! In the last few days, after university and in my free time in the last week-end, I help to set up the climbing wall for the Parish Fest that will be from next Saturday to next Monday.
It was very funny to climb and put the handles on the wood-wall mounted on a structure like those to work around the buildings...
I was very tired on Sunday evening when we finished the work...
It was a very good work, the paths to the top are not so easy except the one for the children, and I was very happy to have climbed after a stop that lasted for about 6 months!
I can't believe it yet, but because of my engagements with university and Oratorio... I haven't climbed for ages!!!
Now I'm very-very happy!
So folks, for me it's time to go...
see ya,

PS: soon there will be photos of the climbing wall and much more!!! bYe