Sunday, May 28, 2006

Palamede works, 20lati Latitanti at "Happy Music" and a Great Ivan Basso

Hi all, these three days were very-very busy for me.

...on Friday...
My Aerospace Propulsion exam was a 25/30! I'm happy for this.
After the written test discussion I came back to my thesis work... some software's modules for Palamede Satellite. So on Friday afternoon we performed the first execution of our program on the satellite.
With minor changes - the most important of them was a 1-second sleep after the query to the modem - our software works.
Now we can expand the code and implement the remaining parts of the program.
I was so happy to see our program running well on the Satellite, it means that our work was in the right direction.

...on Saturday...
I spent last Saturday to help some friends to organize the "Happy Music" party at which I played with my band "20lati Latitanti".
Our performance was very nice and I enjoyed very much playing with my friends.
The party went well too.
Today Ivan Basso has won Giro d'Italia, I'm happy for him because he is a very good person!
I'm trying to repair my Cycle-Computer because the two wires to the wheel have been broken, I don't know how... I hope to succede in the repair because I don't want to have to buy a new one for a stupid thing like a broken wire...

I've catch both my two targets about exams to pass in this period... so now I miss 7 tests to Graduation. I will have to write some relations and to begin to organize the study of the 4 matters that I want to pass on June/July session.
Step by step I'll reach my objetives! As Ivan Basso won the Giro day by day with a constant work, I hope to be constant with my study...
In this period all goes well... my activities involving parrish are finishing well for this year... and for June/July I'll have more time for pass the exams.
On 2nd June, is going to arrive here Ilya, the Belarussian boy we'll host for about a month... I'm very happy to see him again (we haven't seen him for an year and half, despite we were in touch by phone).

see ya,

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Giro d'Italia &friends vs Aerospace Propulsion

Hi! Yesterday, I was told by mail, that I passed the last of the two exams I've had last month.
I'm happy to have closed this matter too, so I miss "only" 7 exams to the First Level Graduation.
Today I would have to study for tomorrow test (view and discussion of that written exam): Aerospace Propulsion.
I was told that the professor isn't bad, so I hope to preserve my current votation (25/30) or, why not, to be able to catch another point or two.
The Giro today had a stage between tight mountain roads and a little plain, the escape from the group of about 5 athletes reached the finish, and the winner has been Schumacher from Germany, who overcame the Italian Marzio Bruseghin in the last meters before the line.
Tomorrow I can't miss the Dolomitic Big-Stage, with 4 incredible climbs upon the roads immersed into my favorite mountains. That stage will be a very beautiful show for Giro and its protagonists.
I don't know if I will manage to watch the stage but I'll record it for sure!
On Saturday I'm going to play with my "new" (!?!) group in Seguro, I'm sure that night will be wonderful.
After many engagement in the next two days, I hope to have much free time to organize my works for June's end of term and exams.
This is a very saturated period, but however I'm always happy to spend like this my time, for me and the others... searching a more stable equilibrium.
In the next post I hope to have enough time to talk about more defined topics (than my days)... but this is only the begennig.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I love my bike!

Hi, folks!
This is my very first post to my blog in english!
I've just came back from a bike ride of about half an hour.
Wonderful, I've done 14.4 km at an average speed of 30.1 km/h!
Today at the Giro, Ivan Basso won the stage that arrived to Monte Bondone. I saw on TV the finish with Gibo Simoni who arrived 2nd on his home roads.
So after the Giro, I went out to have a little fun with bike...
Today was quite lazy and we didn't so much for the theses' work.
I hope tomorrow will be better: we'll have a meeting with the tutors in which we'll ask about a problem about a C function, the one which bloked us today.
We are about to program the Telecommunication Software for the Palamede Satellite, it's a very interesting work but we have also to pass the exams remainig to the First Level Graduation in Aerospace Engineering.
While we'll be at the meeting for Palamede's Software... the Giro will go through my favourite valleys, Val Pusteria and Val Badia, the kingdom of Dolomites, the most beautiful mountains in the world.
I hope the meeting not to last till half past 5 PM because I want to come home in time to watch the last km of the Plan de Corones ramp, one of the heaviest of the entire Giro.
So Bravo Ivan Basso, I hope to see you tomorrow afternoon.
W il Giro!!!
See ya!