Saturday, December 30, 2006

Header changes to improve reading

Hello World,
today I changed the blog header erasing the old and uselees links to Downloads and Wallpapers that I never used (I haven't had the time to keep them updated!). In that place I put three direct links to three labels. So now you can easily browse two more blogging categories such as Thoughts and Comments and one monographic label that will display all the post about Linux.
So if you are here to read something you should choose Thoughts or Comments, if you are here to view something related to linux then click to that label.
I hope to have improved reading in this small part of the blogosphere! Tell me what you think about that!
Good night,

PS: now I changed also the background colors, now it's too professional? Tell me your opinion!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Linux Conference at Politecnico di Milano

This afternoon MacTeo and me took part to the conference about Linux and OpenSource software, helping the organizer's committee of the student organization the POUL "Politecnico Open Unix Labs" and "La Terna Sinistrorsa". We held two stands to show our system from KDE style on KuBook to the powerful of an hacked set of MacOSX on Teo's iBook!
We till february are will experience some troubles due to the exam session, but we are thinking about cool ideas we hope to succeed to develop and to post to BiteComputers blog!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Google Talk with Kopete

Minutes ago I configured GoogleTalk with Kopete and because half of this tutorial on seems to be broken I'm posting some advices to get it work based on my experience...

Install Kopete and check that the secure connection packet is properly installed on your distro. Direclty from that tutorial here it is a list of that packet's name by distro:
  • SUSE: the package is called "qca" but is installed by default along with Kopete.
  • Debian: the package is called "qca-tls".
  • Fedora Core 4: the package is called "qca-tls" and is available via yum from the Fedora Extras repository.
  • Gentoo: the package is called "app-crypt/qca-tls". use 'emerge qca-tls' to install
  • Mandriva : just install "libqca1-tls"
  • Slackware: install qca-* packages from and then run ldconf as root.
  • Kubuntu: the package is called "qca-tls" and is installed by default.
There is a communication issue between GoogleTalk windows client before version and Kopete older than 0.11 so be sure to have installed Kopete 0.11 or newer

Let's create Google Talk account:
  • create an account with the Jabber protocol
  • as user ID write your gmail address (if you don't have a gmail addres ask me in the comments for an invitation)
  • use your gmail password
  • go to the next screen
  • activate the flag to use SSL
  • allow plain-text password
  • select the option to overwrite default server information
  • set as server "" port 443 (to it works only with this, tutorial says to try 5222 before)
If you get the following message:

The certificate of server could not be validated for account The Certificate Authority is invalid.

the tutorial says to change the server from "" to ""; this doesn't work to me... I simply closed the warning asking not to view that message the next time, this is the only way in whinch I can connect to the server.
GoogleTalk's power is that you will view your friends as online either when they are using the GoogleTalk cliente either when they are connected to their gmail account using the web interface! So you will be able to send messages that will be prompted out by gmail's chat plugin on the web page!


see ya!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Matlab Symbolic Toolbox on Linux - GLIBC_2.0 issue fixed also on kernel 2.6.17

Hi folks!
First of all I have to thank slackwarelife and Anonymus (I hope he will post me his nick!) to have posted on their comments two sources for the solution of MATLAB's Symbolic Toolbox issue with the not found GLIBC_2.0!

If you are on this page you are probably trying to fix this:
Unable to load mex file: /usr/local/matlab7/toolbox/symbolic/maplemex.mexglx.
/usr/local/matlab7/bin/glnx86/ symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference
??? Invalid MEX-file '/usr/local/matlab7/toolbox/symbolic/maplemex.mexglx': .

Error in ==> maple at 104
[result,status] = maplemex(statement);

Error in ==> sym.maple at 85
[result,status] = maple(statement);

Error in ==> at 22
X = maple(A(:),'+',B(:));
We got a solution with a strange method: setting the global variable LD_ASSUME_KERNEL to 2.4.1 avoiding libmaple's call to GLIBC_2.0 that caused the crash.

On kernel 2.6.17 (for the Ubuntu-users as I am it means from Dapper to Edgy) this trick doesn't work anymore because with the new kernel setting that variable to 2.4.1 cause the system not to find the base libraries like that is needed for command calls like "matlab" to start the program!
So MATLAB doesn't start!!!

Instead to reinstall Dapper or search about kernel patch I decided to wait and to try other things because in this period I don't needed Symbolic Toolbox.

Yesterday that two bloggers brought to me the solution!

I fixed the issue in this way:

download THIS FILE with the patched directly from the MathWorks site

Unpack the zip, I guess you unpacked it on your desktop if not change some path in the next rows.

From the terminal go to your MATLAB installation directory for me:
~$ cd /usr/local/matlab7
go to bin/glnx86
[install_folder]$ cd bin/glnx86
make a backup copy of libmaple:
$ sudo mv
copy the patchd in the same folder:
$ sudo cp /home/[user]/Desktop/ ./
change file's owner and group
$chown root:root
make the file executable by the owner, by the group any by any users:
$chmod ugo+x
Little explanation of chmod... I typed "ugo" because it was funny ;-) to be more strict we have had to use "ogu":
"o" means owner
"g" means group
"u" means users
"+x" means add the execution permission to the file (type "-x" to remove it)

so we added exec permission to that file either for the owner "o" either for the users in the group "g", either for the generic user "u"!
The typical order of permission is owner-group-users so "ogu" is more correct... but "ugo" is funnier!!! ;-)

To view the permission of files use ls -l instead of the optionsless ls.

Now all is fixed, this is the ultimate solution to the issue because the new library doesn't link anymore to GLIBC_2.0

I've been longer than I planned but I give some explanation on chmod too! :-P

see ya!

Useful links:

PS: obviously I was talking about my neighbour's computer with MATLAB 7 R14 lincensed installed ;-)

Friday, December 8, 2006

Beryl Tutorial end: my result

Beryl Tutorial part 3: Configuring xorg.conf

Very good, finally we come at the conclusion of this tutorial for Beryl + AIGLX setup on Ubuntu/Kubuntu Edgy!
For theATI users they don't have to do so much... after the driver setup I got Beryl work without any further xorg.conf configuration.
If you have new ATI cards (mine is old and I believe it doesn't have many of these options), you can insert these options in the "Device" section of your xorg.conf:

Option        "AGPFastWrite" "yes"
Option        "AGPMode" "4"
Option        "ColorTiling" "on"
Option        "EnablePageFlip" "true"
Option        "AccelMethod" "EXA"
Option        "XAANoOffScreenPixMaps"
Option        "RenderAccel" "true"
Option        "DRI" "true"

Now we pass to the NVIDIA users!
to me it works very well with a GeForce GFX 5700LE with these option in the "Device" section:

Option        "NvAgp" "3"
Option        "RenderAccel" "true"
Option        "AllowGLXWithComposite" "true"
Option        "DPI" "96 x 96"
Option        "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true"

Every time you modify you X server configuration you need to restart it to be sure that it works with the new parameters set. You have to press CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE to restar the X server.

So we are finishing... we only miss to execute beryl and emerald, watch how they work and set their configuration options as we like!

To make them start in the auto-start sequence in Gnome we only need to insert "beryl" and "emerald" calls directly in the list of the startup command by opening the utility: System -> Preferences -> Sessions.

With KDE we need to copy the next script in the folder /home/[user_id]/.kde/Autostart


let's save it as and let's make it executable modifying its permissions:

/home/[user_id]//.kde/Autostart$ sudo chmod 777

Now enjoy configuring beryl and emerald.
Their configuration utilities are easily available in Gnome under System -> Preferences named as "Beryl Settings Manager" and "Emerald Theme Manager"
from the Kmenu at the record "Settings" with the same names.

Congratulations to everyone to have completed this how-to. To the guys that succeeded in setting up Beryl and Emerald I say: "Enjoy! Linux is the best!", to those who have some trouble yet I'm available for any explanation request, complaint, correction in the how-to, so if you find mistakes in this tutorial you are invited to make me aware: we all will benefit of corrections! Linux is the best also for this: it has a very strong and vast community of users that collaborate and share their knowledge each other... Ubuntu has this same philosophy! "Ubuntu" means "I am what I am because of who we all are!" Let's continue with this spirit and we will go further and farther!

Greetings to everyone,

updated: first (and by now only) bug: Beryl on NVIDIA freezes is is started or previewed "Braid" screensaver on Gnome... check if it happen to you too, solution: don't use that screensaver... it's ugly too! ;-)

Beryl Tutorial part 2: Installing 3D drivers (Nvidia)

Now it's the time of the Nvidia guys.
I repeat these rows common to every one:

First of allcreate a backup copy fo the X server configuration file:

~$ cd /etc/X11
/etc/X11$ sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.old

In this way you will be able to restore the working configuration of X at any time simply inverting the arguments of cp command:

/etc/X11$ sudo cp xorg.conf.old xorg.conf

To get work correctly an Nvidia adaptet with Beryl you have to download the latest available version of the Nvidia driver for linux directly from Nvidia site. Here I link the version that works on my desktop installation the 9629 (installation instructions - file).

While the file is downloading (it quite big) check that these packager are NOT installed :


if they were installed... uninstall them with:

apt-get remove nvidia-glx nvidia-glx-legacy

it's noticeable that can be installed only one of this package at one time so the previous command will output always a warning because one of that packager is not installed.

Install the linux kernel headers packager according to you kernel version, tipically 2.6.17-10-generic:

~$ sudo apt-get install linux-kernel-headers-2.6.17-10 linux-kernel-headers-2.6.17-10-generic

Install these packages that will be used by the Nvidia installere to compile the kernel module for your video card

~$ sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-dev libc6

Now you got al the packages required by the Nvidia installer and you uninstalled the one that would have caused troubles.

After the download is complete go to the folder in which you saved that file, for example if you saved if on your desktop:

~$ cd /home/[user_id]/Desktop

Change the permissionsof the file rendering it readable, writable and executable:

~$ sudo chmod 777

Now open a text shell withCTRL + ALT + F1 ... or by F2 to F6. Kill the X server process typing :

~$ pkill Xorg

Now you can execute the file typing:

~$ ./

Accept the license agreement and say yes to the questions from the wizard, above all to the request to write the configuration file you made the backup file.. and the program will backup to another file xorg.conf.backup

During setup it will say something about kernel version or modules not found, it will try to check Nvidia site to download the file needed and finally it will compile them itself don't worry about there questions... at the end it will complite correctly.

As setup is finished you will have installed the last version of the Nvidia drivers.

To varify that all is set correctly restart the X sever pressing CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE.
If something goes wrong restore the old xorg.conf after being loggedd from one of the 6 shells in text mode: CTRL+ALT+F1 or F2...till F6.

If everything works you Nvidia users are on the way to finish too!

Beryl Tutorial part 2: Installing 3D drivers (ATI)

Here we are to the second stage of Beryl's tutorial.

First of all make a backup copy of the X server configuration file:

~$ cd /etc/X11
/etc/X11$ sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.old

In this way you will be able to restore the working configuration of X at any time simply inverting the arguments of cp command:

/etc/X11$ sudo cp xorg.conf.old xorg.conf

To get work correcly an ATI adapter with Beryl you are simply required NOT to use fgrlx driver.
So control that this package is installed: xserver-xorg-video-ati.

~$ sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati

This package should be already installed on the system and you current driver should be already this:: "ati" or "radeon" instead of "fglrx".

Edit xorg.conf configuration file:

~$ cd /etc/X11
/etc/X11$ sudo nano xorg.conf

This file is divided in sections.
Control Section "Device" it will be appear like this:

Section "Device"
Identifier       "ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon 320M (RS200 IGP)"
    Driver       "ati"
    BusID        "PCI:1:5:0"

It's important you use "ati" or "radeon" drivers NOT "fglrx".

If you find "fglrx" you will have to reconfigure the X server to change drivers used, you need to type :

~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

At the beginning of the wizard will be prompted the avalable drivers list, select the driver to use chosing "ati" or "radeon" by enabling it with the spacebar and confirm with enter.
Go ahead in the procedure and whether possible choose always the less or the medium configuration options to have a smooth configuration without the promt of advanced parameters. If you don't know how to set some parameters simpli press enter.
The only parameters you have to set are the ones about the screen resolution, enable all the resolution supported by your monitor using the spacebar. Typically are already selected 640x480 and 800x600, enable especially 1024x768 that is the one you most probably use
If you won't enable other screen resolutions you will see all in 800x600 at most.

Recheck xorg.conf, now in section Device should be set "ati" or "radeon".

To verify that everything works restart the X server pressing CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE.
If anything goes bad restore the old xorg.conf after be logged in using one of the 6 shell in text mode: CTRL+ALT+F1 or F2...till F6.

Good we are on the way to finish the installation.

Beryl Tutorial part 1: Getting Beryl & Emerald

Finally I find a litte spare time to begin Beryl's tutorial....
At first my vision about Linux is this: an OS to customize as we wantto get more easy and natural to use the computer according to the activities we use it for!
So I tell you that with this guide you will work on the system you will pimp it by inserting unofficial repositories or editing configuration files by your own.
Every operation doesn't require a particular knowledge about the system so don't worry about it...let's begin with the charachteristics of the two boxer onto I installed Beryl + AIGLX:

Destktop Computer: Pentium4 3.0 GHz + Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE 256MB + Ubuntu Edgy
Laptop: il famoso KuBook: AMD AthlonXP 1400MHz + ATI Mobility Radeon 32MB + Kubuntu Edgy

Let's begin the how-to!!!
This how-to is written for Ubuntu/Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft, you can try to use it with dapper but you will have to update you Xorg server to 7.1.1 verision that has AIGLX loaded by default.

Let's open a terminal... we'll need it!

Getting Beryl
Among diverse tutorials on (this is that I looked at the most) are listed many repositories, the most reliable (less times offline) is the one hosted by

Let's edit apt configuration file (/etc/apt/sources.list) by opening it with nano editor

~$ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

add this row:

deb edgy main-edgy

(You can also use Synaptic of Adept to add the new repository... I'll let to you the choice :-P)

This repo needs a key to be accessed, often developers use keys not to permit download of work in progress packages by the public...
anyway this release works though it is a beta.. indeed this repo is still protected bye authentication... so: we will able to download the key that one of the developers decided to share! Again in shell:

go to your home folder with:

~$ cd

download there the GPG key and import it in apt with this command:

~$ wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -

Now you got access to beryl's repo previously added! Now we have to install the needed packages!
Uptate packets lists with:

~$ sudo apt-get update

install these packages:

~$ sudo apt-get install beryl-core beryl-plugins beryl-plugins-data emerald beryl-settings beryl-manager beryl beryl-dev emerald-themes

To be comprehensive is will write clearly the main packages and their dependences:


So we could install the only beryl, beryl-dbus and emerald-themes and the others will be downloaded after them!

Good we completed the installation, we'll proceed in the next posts!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Beryl + Emerald: simply COOOL!!!

Hi everybody! I'm writing this short post just to tell you that I succeeded to install Beryl & Emerald either on my desktop PC (P43GHz + Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE 256MB) either on my famous KuBook (AMD AthlonXP 1.4GHZ + ATI Mobility Radeon 32MB).

To the people that don't know at all what I'm talking about... I don't have nothing to do but invite to abide my cyber-dlights and to be a little patient... infact I'm going to make a video of the result of my efforts and to put it on YouTube... so I won't leave any doubt about what's Beryl, neither to the most stupid windows user...

Meanwhile enjoy yourself with this aperitif:

Obviously I don't succeded to get a result like that... it's PERFECT!... I gave my best and it's only a matter of time... I'm goning to smooth and learn many new things about the good configuration programs for Beryl and Emerald.

Now goodnite to everybody: I'm very tired!!!
see ya!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What a beautiful shot...

This is the old Buran Shuttle ready for flight at Baikonur Kosmodrome in Kazakstan in 1988.
This amazing machine was copied by from the american Space Shuttles with few differences and improvements.
Learn more about Buran here!

see ya!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Windows Vista's out on November 30th for corporations only...

... yeah, this is another chapter in "Microsoft and the mistake errors" saga!
I was very impressed by this article (in italian) from Repubblica's site (an italian newspaper), the reporter announces the upcoming release of Vista and writes some comments on it... it seems simply a spot for the "new" OS by Microsoft: he praises the featueres, apologizes the heavy hardware requirements to make it work either with absurd arguments... uhm... maybe I will lose less time copying the pieces that made me laugh the most and commenting them! ;-P
These new features are very important, the more if we take a look at the past: XP. At first the graphing interface that with Aero glass come close to the most advanced and will be found fans for sure due to its transparences, 3D solutions and for the widgets (here they are called gadgets). In addition what about usability. From the opportunity to search fast every file in the computer, to the one-click network setup, to the embedded parental control. Someone could say: some of these features are already embedded in other OSes like Apple's and Linux. Sure, but if is Windows to use them the result massive becuase Windows runs on 90% of the computer on the planet. It's matter of scores.
What I can say... after a beginning "bla-bla", the reporter fells a little shame listing the "new" Vista's features... infact he can't say thet these things are well known in MacOSX (which has ALL of them not "some") and that these are only some of the possibilities to empower every linux distro (obviously with all the work needed!), so because he can't deny evidence at least mention them... giving the idea that Windows puts together the best make it simple for the common people....
Making a fast comparison with previous versions from a very tight point of view it could look like that... the fact is that there isn't innovation (as before) and there are only the collection of great ideas - that made the fame of OSX and Linux - all put together in a ugly and chaotic way.
... according to our data, 66 per cent of the computer worldwide have already an hardware that supports Vista: the remaining 33 per cent has to make a little upgrade for example improve the video adapter that should have at least 128MB of ram to value properly the operating system.
Bah.. because of these are words directly by the chief of Microsoft Italia... we can think that the 128MB intead of "suggested" are "required" ;-)
That of the hardware hunger of the new os is a problem, above all for the people that would taste Vista but who don't want to change thier "old" computer but completely working.
I suggest geeks to install Ubuntu with AIGLX + Beryl... or with XGL + Compiz
For sure this brand new jewel by Microsoft (it will be sold in seven versions with the price around 240€ for the basic one) needs not few resources to show the best of itself: the head office indicates a minimum ram amount (ram is like oxigen for computer) from 512 megabyte, though it's suggested to have a Gigabyte. About the video adapter we just said. Concering the processor, the newest are the best to express the whole power of the new operating system.
So, Windows Vista, onto a well pimped machine, makes a good impression: lots of graphic effects, efficient system response also regarding the multimedia, reduced startup and shutdown time and fast search into the computer's files.
This is totally wrong... to call "jewel" a ill-shapen creature like Windows Vista... by the way... that's my opinion... coming back to the facts why there will be seven versions is it a space-ship? ... about the price we always were pessimist, the tragedy is that they will manage to sell it anyhow!
For the miminum ram set at 512... the only thing I can say proudly is that Kubuntu Live works well with the same 512MB ram and it's amazing with a Gigabyte available... as well that were a Live version...

Going on, I'm not able to accept this distorted point of view, wouldn't be the os to have the task to expess hardware power's?
If someone thiks the opposite that a huge mistake that leads to a vitious cirle and to a wrong point of view while designing software!
The os has to value the hardware, and this yield optimization and creates a "virtous circle"
that could result in a lighter software in its next versione as Mac users experimented while updating from Panther to Tiger!

Well... I close this post, it's becoming too long... tell me what you think about it!

While greeting I'll repeat Think Different phylosophy with a joke:
What does a dressed up mexican say? Hasta la Vista! (see ya!)
And a naked (optimized...) one? Vista la Asta? (look at my mast!) ;-)

The real issue is this... to change the point of view... and Microsoft showed not to have understood that!

see ya!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Usual poor showing, in uncle Bill's style

... of course Internet folks, this news is for everyone of you!
For the most addicted linux users who use it simply because they won't be able to contact other people, for the lazy guys that are closing their eyes not to change it, for the ones who praise it simply because they haven't tried other, for the boy who yesterday bought its first computer!
Yeah: today MSN Messenger doesn't work well... it's about 2 pm (GMT +1) that its capabilities is reduced in watching who other is going ga-ga about it... infact in its candy interface you can look at other people's photos and status... but it loses the connection to server: chat sessions last 10 seconds after that there is a black out for indefinite...

I tought that maybe they had put a control on connected clients and my poor Kopete had been rejected...
No, it's something simplier that concerns things from hacker attacks (but why we had to mention them ... we are just talking about Microsoft), or to the more possible server crash and they can't perform the standard Microsoft procedure to solve problems: reboot!

So, by the other hand is sad to notice that this service - the only thingh by uncle Bill that seemed to work - crashes too!

It's astonishing this lack of shame and above all, of apologies while announcing the problems:

The good thing, that make me laugh very much, are the astonished faces of the most of Microsoft supporters, and the desperation of the ones who don't knows that other services, maybe better thant MSN... my only answer is:
INFORM YOURSELF not to be slave of a unique standard... are you realizing only now that YOU ARE NOT FREE?

LOL: Think Different!

see ya!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A simple good news!

Today I got a good news, while I was updating my old PII 400MHz that runs Ubuntu 6.06 LTS I discoverd that finally Ubuntu's italian repository are working after a week full of issues that made me change my sources.list file using the German ones.

This seems a slight news but it gives tranquillity and security to us, Ubuntu users because we are used to experience strict precision and extreme reliability.

Good weekend!

see ya!

PS: by the way I link this blog by Ubuntu's daddy: Mark Shuttleworth

Thursday, November 9, 2006

... I'm writing again with a freed mind ...

after I managed to study something about Aerospace Mechanics, not how much I planned, but at least I put my brain in a "pen-and-notebook" mode.
So, Palamessenger is complete, either I goes either it doesn't, there isn't so much to do, now my aim is the test I have on Novembre 22nd and after I want to write my thesis quickly.
Among these occupations in university and my activities in parrish, I'm becoming more skilled in organize my time I'm succeeding in program my occupations better.
Tonight I'm going to go to sleep quite early, so tomorrow I'll be able to get up earlier than the last days :-P (do you think I won't?)

At lunch I cooked an amazing pasta with milk-cream, a little butter, Gorgonzola (a typical cream cheese) e nuts, flavoured with a little nutmeg WONDERFUL!

Yeah, today I'm very peaceful, last night I went to Erica to watch "Lo Svarione degli Anelli" a mockery of the "Lord Of The Rings", today I've done my things: I managed to organize better and it's good for my university tests and for my lifestyle in general.
Tomorrow afternoon I will be again to help my brother's group it they studied the songs, it will be good and we'll have a lot of fun.

Bueno internauts, I go, that's all! Work in progress until November 22nd when I wish me had been confident about the test!
Now as the great cyclisy Gino Bartali I'll encourage myself: "Go Andy, I you want, you can do it..."

Goodnite everybody!
see ya!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft... a few little trouble but it's worth it!

Here I am! Finally after more than a week I manage to write something on my blog.
I've been a little time "offline" to configure properly the new Kubuntu's release I installed on my famous KuBook.

Because of this now that all is working I can post an aware review.

First of all has been improved splash screen and login manager graphics. Unfortunately or luckily (it depends on the points of view) the text under the spash and the bar about modules loading disappeared... anyway there is the opportunity to switch to the text visualization in case of troubles to see what the startup is doing.

Further graphics improvements but less important are those about the theme of KDE's kicker bar (that I put immediately on the top of the screen with the shared menu for the applications) and the default wallpaper that though isn't great, is pastel... and I like this!

Is useless to remember that because of the 6.10 is a minor release there aren't major changes in any field, so I won't list all the new versions of the most of the programs part of KDE Suite...

A nice thing due to the new kernel ( is that now it recognizes by itself many of the function keys of many laptops models, I is a very good thing because of, for example, I couldn't map them.

It was added a good photo manager program, digiKam, that is also able to download the pictures from many cameras... I hadn't the occassion to try it yet but it looks good!

Now I'll begin to report little bugs and troubles.
As soon as Konqueror's web engine (KHTML -> WebKit) has been improved now it works well with my blog: it can be seen the transparence of the "Too Cool 4 Bill" image before visible only using Firefox.
Konqueror's plugins (they are the Netscape7 ones: Konqueror is compatible with them) work very well with the only exception of the Java Environment one I couldn't configure correctly after a succesful installation (infact it works with Firefox2).

... of course with big regret I was pushed to install Firefox2! My disappointment isn't about firefox, but because of konqueror that though the Java issue (I don't mind very much) unfortunately crashes on the post list page of Blogger Beta... and on other pages chock-a-block of javascrpits.
I'm totaly sure that the cause of there embarassing crashes is that many sites don't comply with the W3C standards strictly implemented in the WebKit engine (it passes with ease the Acid Test 2.0)!
To be honest I have to report that Gmail an other sites that officially "don't support" konqueror are displayed well simply thanks the feature that let you to choose what browser identification konqueror will provide to these sites; in this way Konqueror ducks site's controls about the browser identification.

So because of non-W3C sites I had to install Firefox2 that uses the GTK libraries and so can't share the menu bare with other applications using KDE's kicker feature.

The second and last trouble concerns the trick about Symbolic Toolbox that I found a few days ago (yeah, my neighbour who lets me use Matlab has updated to Kubuntu 6.10 too!).
Infact after the call to the "export" command to set a global variable who makes Matlab7 to think it's executing on a 2.4.1 kernel... simply the shell can't find the libraries anymore... it's impossible to call even an "ls" command, and if you try to execute any program bash says that it can't locate

Well... except that there are these little issues all the rest of the system works very well.
On Yakuake transparent background works on all the shell sessions... instead as before, when worked only on the first opened session!
There is a new very good power manager!

My candid advice is... let's install Kubuntu 6.10 it's worth it!

This is another goal achieved by Ubuntu and KDE guys they made up another good release...
... by these result we look forward April for 7.04 amazing surprises WoW!!!

Hurray for the OpenSource! ;-)

seeeeeee YA!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Communitary Week

As you few visitors noticed last week I didn't post any article, nor a link... nothing.
There is a very good reason for my absence from the Internet: the Communitaty Week I spent with some friends from the Youth Groups of Rho's parrishes.
It was a great experience to share Casa Betel on the top floor of Oratorio S.Carlo, which became actually our home for a week.
All begun exactly 7 days ago, on Monday evening from 10 pm, we gathered, we prayed and set up some thing about the organization.
On Tuesday everyone went to his occupations and we came back to have dinner together. In the evening we had a gather about the Language of Body and Gestures.
On Wednesday I stayed at home, I had a grocery shopping / craze with Ale and in the evening we attended a great gather with the amazing don Federico. We continued to talk about that for a while in the night.
On Thursday night we watched Fabio Volo's film, Casomai, it's a good film and offers many ideas about love.
On Friday night we had a meditation on the text who was the guideline for the week. I had some problem because I had a little temperature.
On Saturday there was an happy hour with jam session, we play with many people, there was also MacTeo with his girlfriend Jessica, from Como. It was a great night.
On Sunday we finish the week with a Mass at S.Paul's parrish, with new songs, it was a good thing: thank you Ale :-)
I'm very happy for this week, it was all good, intense, natural... with these guys I got along with them and it was offhand to share everyday life and to think together about the week's theme: Love.
I hope there will be another opportunity to live experciences like this next year because I grow up very much and I was able to focus better what I want from my life: the Style in which I want to live everyday.
Thanks to all my "brothers" for this beautiful week.
Thanks to Erica, my girlfriend, who let me to convince her.
Thanks to Luca, my brother, who didn't manage to get rid of me!
Thanks to don Emilio, who took with excitement this week, and who wanted strongly to be there.
Thanks to don Marco, who hosted us, and who let us feel to be at home.
Thank you Lord, you light our lives.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A great night...

... yeah it's 2 'o clock and I'm just back from Paolino's after his birthday party tonight! It was ages that I didn't go out with my friends and I enjoyed this night very much. I felt completely fit with them, I felt like at home, it was very-very good.
Tonight I learnt how to make smoke rings after many trials with the "narghilé"!
I enjoyed and relaxed at the same time: I needed a night like this...
Thank U very much to everybody,

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Matlab Symbolic Toolbox under Linux - How to fix GLIBC_2.0 issue

Aye! I was very happy for the 2 visit I made with the post about octave. These are very few but this is not a monograhpic blog about a specific matter so these were a good result for me.
Today I want to speak about a discovery I made on Matlab's Symbolic Toolbox under Kubuntu. Yesterday after a few curses I succeeded in configuring it.
Obviously we are talking about my neighbour's computer, which has installed Kubuntu with 2.6 kernel and Matlab with a legal license. He lets me use his Matlab for my homeworks. :-)
Good, yesterday I had absolutely the need to use Symbolic Toolbox for some operations, I already knew that it didn't work but I tried anyway.... Matlab as the previous trials responded me this:
Unable to load mex file: /usr/local/matlab7/toolbox/symbolic/maplemex.mexglx.
/usr/local/matlab7/bin/glnx86/ symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference
??? Invalid MEX-file '/usr/local/matlab7/toolbox/symbolic/maplemex.mexglx': .

Error in ==> maple at 104
[result,status] = maplemex(statement);

Error in ==> sym.maple at 85
[result,status] = maple(statement);

Error in ==> at 22
X = maple(A(:),'+',B(:));
So I installed all the possible base libraries for C and C++ in every version but it didn't work. After a search with Google, I found a forum post by a guy who said to execute this command before starting Matlab:
you@Kubuntu$ export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1
Actually this command tells to the shell to consider every following command (in that bash session) as if there was a 2.4.1 kernel.
In this way Matlab's Symbolic Toolbox works completely.
If before you could define sym variables but you can't evaluate any expression due to the library issue, now you can use completely the toolbox.
Till now I haven't experienced any further issue of the kind.
To ease Matlab's start without the need to writing the export command every time I modified bash's profile by creating an alias in .bashrc file in my home directory in this way:
# Alias 4 Matlab
alias matlab-start='export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1; matlab -nosplash'
Personally I inserted these lines after the some other aliases block but they would work in every position in the bash configuration file.
Thanks to this alias, every time I write "matlab-start" the shell actually executes the two commands between the apices. Note that Matlab is called with the "nosplash" option which inhibits the matlab splash screen at startup, this thing speeds up Matlab's startup, if you want to reset the splash you need only to remove the "nosplash" option from the lines above when you write them into the .bashrc
That's all, I hope to have been quite plain in my explanation, I you have any problem you can comment and we'll see!
Good work with Matlab's Symbolic Toolbox and Kubuntu!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

title has to be chosen at the end...

... yeah because in posts like this you don't know where you arrive in the end...
Finally I'm enjoying in writing freely all of the things are now on my mind, or on its remainders! Today the wheather was good, fresh in the morning, warm in the afternoon and chilly in the evening and I discovered me to think again: "What a good month is this!" realizing that this is what I said in Semptember, in August, in July, June... so there are two possible explanations: or this is a very good year for weather, or I'm living fine all my time and because of this I'm able to feel every little "climatic pleasure" along the seasons' merry-go-round.
Oh yeah, Time, the Cosmic Ballet, everything is so woven to the sense of rythm we perceive in relation with our hearthbeat... music's vibrations that can get us when we are taken by a piece... all is due to inescapable and constant flowing of Time.

At this point I recall this beautiful song by Enya, "Only Time":

Who can say where the road goes,
Where the day flows, only time?
And who can say if your love grows,
As your hearth chose, only time?

Who can say why your heart sights,
As your live flies, only time?
And who can say why your heart cries
when your love lies, only time?

Who can say when the roads meet,
That love might be ,in your heart?
and who can say when the day sleeps,
and the night keeps all your heart?
Night keeps all your heart.....

Who can say if your love groves,
As your heart chose, only time?
And who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time?

Who knows? Only time
Who knows? Only time

Wonderful thought on Time, is for this kind of vision of time that I was pushed to choose it as the topic of my high school final work. Since the end of time, exactly ;-P, we'll always have something to investigate about this "dimension" of life, of univers, of the four-dimension physical space in which we all live: everyone of the explanations, names, definitions, descriptions we could do change by the point of view we want to underlind or simply by the way we chose to pursue in our research.
Becoming fussy I could tell you that each one of the expression I previously used none is truly right bcause everyone implys Time. Infact is very difficult to see time dimension as part of the spacetime continuum, its nature has a particular issue that distiguishes it from the other three space dimensions: time can be got through only in one direction at a fixed speed changing depending on the observer system (as Relativity states).
And among this constant flowing depending on the system, but variable with speed and lightspeed ratio... that now after some lines I'm losing the train of thought of this post... because of the unknowing on these themes though I knew in broad terms the results of the Theory of Relativity. To understand these issues I need to study something like Ricci's Tensor, the Fundamental one, their mathematical principles, the four-dimensional metrics... so I can easily finish the post with the intention to know what and how Relativity states...
In the meantime let's think more about Time, about the time we use, about the one we waste, at the one is given to us and let's try to see it as one of the beauties of Creation instead an enemy to fight with as it's perceived by our society's common sense.
Our society is slave to Time and it's succubus of it.
Let's take the Time we need. Let's live with more peace: it's worth it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

KuBuntu MacOS like - New Layout for KuBook

Again we'll talk about Linux (Kubuntu) and about my desktop on KuBook, my amazing notebook you can admire in the picture!
I have been quite misled by MacTeo's proposals concerning graphic interface's Mac-ization; he convinced me to put the MenuBar shared by applications to save space since now I've a dock which is working... (you can check this out on this post about KoolDock).
So with few mouse clicks, I discovered this feature to be native in KDE, it means that MenuBar isn't part of some strange GUI modification packet, so I was brought to complete this transformation!
To obtain the final result, as in the photo, you simply have to activate the MenuBar in Mac-OS style from KControl, in "Desktop" section, on the record "Behaviour" as you can see in the picture below.

Once you have done this you can reorganize your desktop changing completely the main panel, that you can't remove but you can configure as an hidable panel with utilities like the garbage bin and the Desktop Pager.
On the top bar, now you can put elements like System Tray, KMenu, Clock and perhaps the RunCommand applet, remembering "Spotlight" despite it's a little uglier :-P
And what about the TaskBar? If you don't want to get used to press continously ALT+TAB or the central mouse key on a free desktop area (either of these key combinations will visualize a list of opened windows), you can activate the TaskBar from the options of KoolDock that you have installed for sure :-P !
Once all of these will be completed you have an OSX-like very confortable to use, now there is much more space on the desktop since the MenuBar is shorter than KDE default bar, and for KoolDock's automatic hiding (because if it wouldn't hide it will be quite irritating).

Last things only for the most excited Mac fans... execute from command line (ALT+F2) "bab" and "dcop kicker default restart", in this way, only if you have installed kwin-baghira you will be able to choose the MenuBar style like the one of MacOSX versions (Jaguar,Panther,Tiger) and to round out the top corners of the screen like on Mac, though the result is quite rough.
You can also change MenuBar's background by panel options choosing an image in Mac style, a good idea is to create a picture from a real-Mac screenshot to clone the same colors.
Have fun with Linux and Opensource.
see ya!

Friday, October 13, 2006

BiteBlues Loop

This my first loop upload to iCompositions (made with Matteo).. in the near future I'm going to open the music section, for the moment here's the link if you wanna give it a listening! ByteBlues Loop

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Many nice browsers...

Today in breaks while programming Palamessenger, I helped my friend MacTeo to set-up the graphics of his new blog's template. I worked for him as a browser tester... because I'm very interested in the differences between them, so I've installed many of them for these visualization trials!
I've tried Konqueror, Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9 on Linux and Firefox 1.5, Firefox2, Opera 9 and obviously IE on Winsozz.
In this mess of browsers I was very impressed to see the features of Opera 9.
On Windows, Opera's impact is really devastating: there isn't a compare with the others except the good SeaMonkey from Mozilla.
These two programs are, I think, the future of browsers, they are a little more heavy than others, but on computers not excessively old you can't notice the difference.
These few megabytes of disk and ram needed are entirely justified by very interesting features: in SeaMonkey and Opera is bundled a mail client fully integrated in the browser, Opera features also a BitTorrent client.
From the coming of RSSfeeds every modern browser of the above, has an integrated RSS reader, the one in the shape of a local web page generated by the RSS sources, the other (as Firefox) with LiveBookmarks... the only browser that hasn't this feature is IE but I prefer not to talk about it. Infact is well known that if you try to open a site wholly respectin W3C web standards, with IE, you have to prepare yourself to very funny sight among the pages: a pixel exlposion, the elements of the page totally bring from a place to another.... if you succeed to see something...
Coming back to the post theme... I think that future browsers won't have to display "well" the interesting page, but they will also support all the kinds of new services and protocols to give to the user a full web experience in one window. For this feeling Opera 9 is the best.
Let's choose your favourite browser, it's important to take a look to all the choices available, because there are so many different browsers that there is also the one perfect for everyone of us.
For this matter, now I'll post you some links to check out:

Mozilla Firefox 1.5
Mozilla Firefox 2
Mozilla SeaMonkey
Konqueror (only for linux)
Flock ( rembers IE7... Microsoft copied another time)
Camino (solo per Mac)
Safari (solo per Mac)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

too cool for Bill

By now this image appeard on my blog. It's style reminds the one of the famous "TooCoolForIE", I've created a customized image to have some laughing...
Here it is in jpg format, so it can be posted well:If you need the png with trasparency you can find it at this address on
Have fun!

Monday, October 9, 2006

Kooldock... a very Coool Dock for KDE!

Oh well! Finally I'm back to write about Linux, and in particular about how to customize in cool mood my favourite distro: Kubuntu.
After I modified also the remaining icons on my desktop to obtain on my desktop an ISS-like view (as you can see in the picture on the side), today I want to suggest you to install KoolDock.

kooldock: a dock to link your favorite applications. It's just a dock, but instead of kxdocker IT WORKS!

Its configuration utility is very user-friendly and more stable than kxdocker one
so I can easily say that although some stange blinking of the dock when it attempts to englarge icons, this little toy works very well.

Without a surprise you will find it easily in ubuntu repositories so to install it you don't have to do nothing more than find it on Synaptic and select it for installation.

After the installation you won't find KoolDock in Kmenu
, if you don't want to start it from a konsole, I suggest you to use the embedded command line simply pressing ALT+F2 when you are on the desktop.
To open the "Run Command" dialog you can also click right on the desktop and choosing "Run Command" in this dialog you only need to write kooldock to start it.

Once KoolDock is started simply doesn't happen anythinig because this dock is quite discreet and starts hidden by default. It's not so bad you can open the context menu for the configuration just by clicking right on the dock once it's opened.

A little bug I've noticed is a blinking in some cases.

To eliminate this blinking these isn't a standard procedure: you can simply try the different options either the ones to change dock's look, either the ones about his behaviour.
You will see that in some cases you'll find a combination in which it doesn't blink.

For most demanding people there is a tip to have better font edges: they aren't smooth due to shadowing options... you need to work on those options I you want better font edges.

A last suggestion if during your trials with the option you activate the "Xinerama support" you won't find the dock in the usual position. This options infact, as I understood, is used to make the dock compatible with multiple screens, so this option brings the dock on the left side of the screen (or the right but this never happened to me).
You will need to click right on the bottom left side of the screen to be able to open again the configuration ulility to fix that.

It's noticeable that the links for the dock are inside the folder: /home/your_name/.kde/share/apps/kooldock so for any problem you will act by there too for reset or customize the icons and the links to the applications.

At the end I can state: KoolDock is a dock for KDE that works, and with some customizations is possible to limitate the little bugs it has being able to use it happily.

Let's enjoy with KoolDock!

see ya!

Friday, October 6, 2006

A Quality Shoe

This post could be ugly, perhaps smelly and probably it's both of these.
In simple words, my favorite shoes came to an end: after years I've found the worthy substitutes and I've bought two pairs of those. Of course...
First of all you have to know that I'm not a trash fan nor a person devoted to things, but this story I really had to tell you because these shoes have lived every madness.
Yeah, who knows how many kilometers they have walked, how many leaps, how many falls, how many climbs, or football kicks. Only now after 5 years I succeded in finding something similar albeit not identical.
I advise cleanliness fans and people with heart sickness, not to zoom these images, and I assure you can feel you lucky that smells can't be digitalized and sent among the web.
After all don't you think that for 5 years I put on only these shoes :-P, I don't come at this point, but... yeah I tried to keep them good because I liked them so they survived my mum's most terrible cleaning and garbage campaigns, always with a different pretext.
Now unfortunately am I to accept that they are too old and too worn so I salute them with this epitaph!
And like a Mark Knofler song from the LP "The Ragpickers" reminds me... it's good to have a Quality Shoe!
Be easy with this poor mad guy ;-)!

Playing at Oscar's

Wonderful, tonight finally I enojoyed after these exams:
we played at Oscar's home with "20lati latitanti"... what a name!
On sunday night unfortunately I won't play because I will be busy with "Scuola della Parola" for youth, that will be in Cornaredo, near Rho.
Perhaps I will be back in time for the final jam session, and I'm going to bring with me how many people I could obviously!
Tonight we have tried some songs for sunday's "concert", some were almost completed, the other were only sketched... but with a change in the formation, and only one trial available we had done the best was possible!
After the trial I spent almost an hour with the two "Tei"... thank you guys for that wonderful time we had tonight.
Now I'll go to bed very glad!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast

Here we are, after a good day spent on Palamede.
I'm back and I've seen that the torrent of Tales of the Sword Coast was completed... I've tried it on the fly!
There was a little thing to say: I had to uninstall Baldur's Gate to intall that... luckily the uninstall kept savegame and the charachters, but I had done a backup copy because I didn't know it!
As an expansion of the good title from Black Isle
this pack gives you new areas and above all new quests and aventures... to be able to follow the path of the new adventures without the mix with the Baldur's Gate ones is adviceable to begin to play from the savegame called "Mission Pak" that is already installed... because of this I didn't want to re-play Baldur's Gate in english, and I considered that at the end I wouldn't have understood if I had played the adventures of Tales of the Sword Coast of the Baldur's ones... so I uninstalled the expansion e put again Baldur's Gate in Italian to complete it...
At the end of that campaing I will import my last save in the expansion's installation and from that I will play the expansion's adventures!
Tomorrow, in the afternoon I will go on with the developement of Palamessenger... good!
Now I'll finish the quest of Nashkell's Guard's Commander Brage and I will go to sleep.
Good nigth!
Andy - Faelar

Monday, October 2, 2006

Palamede is on the road again!

Today I recover my know-how and the ideas fot continue to work efficiently on Palamede.
For the projectual laboratory we had to write the telecommunication software and now we are at the end of it with the creation of the main program and the tests.
After these important steps we will complete work writing the thesis.
I liked this projectual lab, the problems we faced off were very interesting and the opportunity to get involved in a real project and give a little contribution was very exciting, because I've got the feeling that anything will happen our work won't be useless...
for sure I wasn't useless for us, but I've the hope that other people will take advantage of our work, and I like to think that would be so.
Tomorrow will be a day in the lab for a massive bugfix and for the developement in actual code, of the main program.
Today I've written the main program in pseudo-code.
I will keep you informed, in the meantime... tomorrow I will enjoy the day in the lab.

How beautiful are my icons...

... and how humble I am!!!
For sure: with the story that in Kubuntu ... and with KDE in general any png image can be used as an icon... I'm enjoyed with my "space" links!
This is the result: -->
Noticeable is that NasaTV link was a realplayer .ram file... to be able to change the icon only at that file and not at the others of the same type, I needed to save the .ram file on a folder, and to create on the desktop a link to that.
So I can pesonalize the icon of that link as I want and I could put on that the png of the Shuttle I created with The Gimp 2.2 from an hi-quality jpeg found at
What can I say? Always the same... Kubuntu is many steps forward Microsoft.
see ya!

PS: the other good icons you can see are simply from nuvoX0.3 theme.
On is available the new versione of this thame (0.4) at this link :enjoy!

...need to sleep...

I'm so tired, I'm late in the night because I help my dad to migrate data from the old to the newer notebook he had for work... the result: I can't use Windows anymore!
After this night I've got the full evidence that the more the version goes ahead, the worse the system goes.
In the meantime, visiting the web, while USB keys are working copying large amount of data... I've found this cool post by my dear friend MacTeo... so he succeded in transform his "Poddolo" (iPod Nano) into a GameBoy Color, what can I say? Unbelievable!
I'll let you read this how to and I'm go to bed because I'm collapsing...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Octave, KOctave & Gnuplot

Hi bloggers, last week, just before my unsuccessful speaking test for "Aerospace Technics and Experimentation" ( it was non really a bad thing because it was me who left the test because I was not so good in my preparation), the professor.. had the time to say to me, while he was taking a look at my report: "So, you are an opensource fan!" and I so glad: "Yep!" he continued, "So why did you use Matlab instead of Scilab or Octave?"... I answered something like: "Hum, d'you know... I'm used with that, in the other languagers there are small variations in the syntax that make me crazy..." and some other stupid things...; so I apologized just like the worse Windows-User ! Actually I used Matlab because it's installed on university's computers so I didn't have to explore opensource world on Scientific Coputation.
In these days I'm trying to take a look on the solutions available in this sense.
At first I began to install Octave.

If I understood correclty, Octave is a commands interpreter with a language almost identicalt to Matlab's one, so one can continue to use the same language with the same syntax and Octave works just like Matlab does.
The major handicap is the leak of a Simulink-like environment and at the fist sight is astonishing that Octave can't handle Symbolic Variables.
Luckily for the second leak ther is a packet to install to enable the use of symbolic variables and their functions: octave-forge.
For the Simulink-like environment there is nothing to at the first steps I've done, I hope to find a good solution to this problem in my future searches among the Web.
I'll write on this blog every discovery I'll do on this way.
So now I invite you all to install happily Octave's packets. I recommend stongly Octave if you don't need to work with simulink funcions, but you handle only matices and vectors and you want to output plots: for these aims Octave is perfect and requires very less space than Matlab.
Octave has non a GUI, it presents itself direcly in the shell. Plot output is obtained by the integration with the famous gnuplot. If you want a GUI for Octave that resembles the Matlab one, is availabre koctave obviouly if you have already installed the KDE libs.
KOctave is a graphic shell with a simple menu bar and a folder explorer / command history on the left, noticeable could be the icon... identical to Matlab's one but blue instead of red!
So my advice for you is to install and try these new things: let's install octave, octave-forge and koctave. If you want we will continue the discussion on these pages!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cool! I've passed "Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics 2"

Here I am, after days spent to understand my notes and to repeat the procedures that give the different theorems and formulae, today I was quite sure for going calm to the speaking part of the exam to "Gibo", who had already helped me giving me the minimal votation needed to pass the write part.
Because of the help I received, I've done my best for recover, at first because I wanted to demonstrate on the fly that he made a good job trusting me, and mainly because this subject was very interesting for me.
His lessons are very cool, he use ironical moods in front of the bulk of equations, and from them always enlight the physical sense in fluid dynamics.
This mornig it was very nice to attend also others' speaking part, there were laughing and astonishing times, but he actually didn't only ask but really led the student from the formulae to their physical meaning.
Well! I took 20/30, it couldn't be like to a great thing, above all for the 7 credits value of that exam so my mean votation now will bend down... but I'm happy because I believe I worked hard to recover that bad test and I succeded.
Now I miss 5 exams instead of 6. It would be as difficult as before for me to laurate in time on February!
For this, I don't cry, what I ever dreamt was to have the right time to study and to understand the lectures and the subjects.
Now I have to go on with the work on Palamede from the stop we had in July.
We had to fix the Orbocomm mail transmission and to build the telecommunication's behaviors which have to be integrated in the main program: Palamessenger.
We had enought work, also about the activities I do for my parrish.... but I like so!
I leave you this good photo. You can see a nice phenomenon about which I know almost all, at the time.
These are the wing-tip vortices... they exist because of the same matter for which the plane flies.
When a plane fly into the upper edge of a cloud, these vortices could be seen very well.

Another beauty from nature... and when the man works in the right way it's the result is fantastic.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hello folks, it's amazing, I've passed the written test of Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics 2, I believe, thanks to an help by the professor...
I'm also risking not to pass, but I've a real chance to close up at least one exam in this session!
Because of this, I won't post until Thursday when I'll tell you if I will have managed to take advantage of this opportunity.

New Header

I've changed the header of my blog, I chose a fall landscape because officially Autumn began on September 21st and meteorogically on Sept. 23rd .
The exam's session is almost ended... as soon as it will be possible I'll wrote again in English something better!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who's Ubuntu's boss?

Whilst lazing another time in wiki pages to attach the links to previous post's image, I followed 2 or 3 links about space tourism... and I found Mark Shuttleworth (what a good name for a space tourist).
It was incredible to discover this kid is the founder of Canonical LTD.
As wiki teaches he developed VeriSign (an internet security protocol) and later sold it.
He worked as Debian Developer till 2004 when he founded Canonical LTD and its main project: Ubuntu!
So the circle is closed, from this Kubuntu Laptop I use, through the previous post... it's amazing.
I also noticed that he shares his first spaceflight with Roberto Vittori the last italian to be in space who then was at his first flight too...
Take a look on this guy's bio, and on his experience in Soyuz TM-34 flight... obviously on wiki!

Genesis-I: the first private space habitat

Last days, I was surfing among the wiki because I was searching information about the ISS for a post.
In my reading I found that the Habitation Module won't be launched anymore due to project review, lack of funds and shuttle retirement.
NASA proposed both a conventional module and inflatable space habitat: the Transhab.
After Habitation Module has been cancelled, Bigelow Aerospace purchase the rights of Transhab and developed it for the company Genesis Pathfinder.
They aim to build a commercial space station for future space tourists.
The first test module reduced by 1:3 scale was launched on 12 July 2006 and is current on orbit.
It's very good that private companies begin seriously to invest in space.
By the institution of the Ansari X Prize (Anousheh Ansari will fly as a tourist on the next Soyuz flight) won by SpaceshipOne more companies think to get involved with space; it's a very good thing because competition between the companies would develop the aerospace compartment faster than before.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Cinque mie strane abitudini

REGOLAMENTO:il primo giocatore inizia il suo post con il titolo "Cinque mie strane abitudini" e le persone che vengono invitate a scrivere devono a loro volta riportare questo regolamento.

Alla fine del post si devono indicare altre cinque persone,non dimenticando di lasciar loro un commento nel blog o nel journal con scritto "Sei stato scelto".

1 - Sono ordinato "a pigne" se entrate nella mia camera o nel mio quartier generale sparso per la casa quando sono sotto esame scoprireste pigne e pignette di fogli e mucchi di cose qua e là, la tragedia vera è che IO SO ESATTAMENTE cosa c'è dentro e troverei qualunque cosa in quei "casini concentrati" ma i miei non lo sanno e regolarmente spostano, ammucchiano, mischiano, dividono e a quel punto il casino diventa OGGETTIVO per tutti ;-)

2 - Sono SEMPRE in ritardo tranne quando sbaglio orario clamorosamente e arrivo 3/4 d'ora prima.
NB: 3/4 d'ora prima perchè sono comunque in ritardo di 1/4 d'ora sull'orario che credevo :-P

3 - Quando sono di corsa (cioè sempre come da punto 2) il tempo per prepararmi è direttamente proporzionale al ritardo, cioè non riesco a razionalizzare le azioni. Esempio devo prendere 3 cose in camera e 1 in salotto prima di uscire, prendo quella in sala, e vado verso la porta, torno in camera e ne prendo 1 delle 3 e tento di nuovo di uscire, e così fino a che, dopo 4 viaggi, sono pronto e finalmente ESCO! eh eh eh

4 - Mi perdo via! Soprattutto su internet! Esempio: se devo cercare una pagina sul sito del Poli, accendo Firefox, scrivo www. e si aprono i siti già visitati, vedo o qualche Wiki... mi dimentico del poli e vado lì a girare! Poi dopo mezz'ora mi chiedo... "ma perchè avevo aperto Firefox?" la domanda rimane senza risposta per qualche minuto, faccio finta che sia un giochino di memoria... poi mi ricordo e sentendomi scemo vado finalmente sulla pagina per cui avevo aperto il browser.

5 - Prima degli esami (ma a volte mi dimentico o non ne ho voglia) a colazione indeciso su Caffèlatte e Cioccolata (riflessi vs zuccheri) faccio il BEVERONE: Caffèlatte+cioccolato! ! Quando sn abbastanza scemo o su di giri per fare il BEVERONE, di solito vado in stazione in bici con a palla nelle orecchie Givin'up del vecchio Permission to Land dei Darkness cercando di arrivare prima della fine della canzone! Io mi carico così 8-)

nomino Ery, MacTeo, DDTeo,Elena,LaVale